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    Sectional Garage Doors


    Garage doors are a personalized product subject to individual quotation

    Technical specification of the garage doors -> CLICK HERE

    Specify dimensions:

    • Hole width in (mm) [interval; 2250 mm - 5500 mm].
    • Height of the hole in (mm) [compartment; 2000 mm - 3000 mm].
    • Lintel height ("N") [minimum value 200 mm].

      Make sure that the room dimensions are within the range:

      • Minimal side space required ("W1, W2") [minimum 160 mm].
      • Minimum garage depth with free space under the ceiling ("E") [minimum 3400 mm].

        Type of springs

        Sp - front-mounted torsion springs with lintel on steel a galvanized shaft. Their size is selected depending on the size of the gate.

        Panel pattern

        Choose color

        Any of the RAL palette, additionally wood-like colors are available.

        Opening method

        1. Manually
        with lock + handle
        without a lock
        2. Automatic (select drive type) - Is there another entrance to the room?
        YES - Gate without modification
        NO - an emergency release will have to be added to the garage door

          Technical specification of the garage doors -> CLICK HERE

          Shipping time: 20 days


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