Aluminium Folding Doors Decalu 88

Brand: Deceuninck
What you get
  • Thermally insulated system
  • Three-chamber system
  • Glazing units up to 62 mm wide
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Decalu 88 Folding Doors system provide very good thermal insulation in winter andoptimal protection against harsh weather conditions. In summer, on the other hand, these bi-fold doors allow you to open your house to a garden or terrace and have contact with the environment. Thanks to the unique system of fittings and profiles, the structures can be made up to a height of 3m and all the wings can have the same size.

Decalu 88 Folding Doors – benefits:



Depth of the frame [mm]97
Maximum thickness of the glazing unit [mm]62
Specification - Read more

Thickness of the glazing unit

A glazing unit is a structure consisting of two, three, or even four panes of glazing separated from each other by a distance frame, sealants and vapour-absorbing gas (argon \ krypton). The thickness of the glazing unit is the overall measurement, from the outside glass surface to the inside glass surface. The average double glazing thickness is about 24 mm while triple-glazed windows are 42 – 48 mm in thickness on average. The number of panes in a glazing unit affects the improvement of the U-value parameter

Uw (U-value)

The window’s heat transfer coefficient. It informs you about the level of thermal insulation. The Uw (U- value) shows how much heat will penetrate 1 m2 of sliding doors in one hour, with a difference between the temperatures on both sides of the doors of one degree. This means that the lower the Uw coefficient, the better the window’s thermal insulation is.

Depth of the frame

A very important dimension, saying a lot about sliding doors quality and functionality. The depth affects the sound insulation, thermal insulation (U-value) and stiffness of the structure. To put it simply: the bigger the depth, the warmer the sliding doors.

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