uPVC Sliding Doors Gealan HST

Brand: Gealan
What you get
  • Maximum construction width 6700 mm
  • High stability based on a steel reinforcement
  • A low level threshold of 50 mm as standard
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Depth of the frame [mm]190
Profile thicknessClass A
Wind resistanceC2
Water resistance1A
Acoustic insulation24-29 dB
Air permeabilityClass 3

Gealan HST

The lift & slide HST Gealan system enables the creation of passages from the rooms to the terrace, balcony or garden. It allows for spacious constructions, without any architectural barriers. Large glass surfaces ensure a constant flow of light to the interior. The HST Gealan system based on the S 9000 platform meets all the technical and visual requirements for sliding systems of the latest generation.

Gealan HST system is available with a low level threshold (50 mm) as standard. It is enough to lift and move the movable sash of the HST window so that both floor levels – external and internal – form one plane. Thanks to this, the space becomes open and elegant. A low level threshold guarantees effective thermal insulation, trouble-free movement for people with disabilities and small children and trouble-free maintenance thanks to removable profiles. It also allows for trouble-free modernisation of lift and slide doors.

On request, there is an additional option available: a 50 mm level threshold with a linear drainage. It is an additional gutter placed on the outer side of the sliding system, that helps to effectively drain even large amounts of rainwater and get rid of accumulated impurities, such as: leaves, sticks or small twigs.


Gealan HST – benefits:


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