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    Roller shutter Concealed QuadBox

    272.00 PLN

    The characteristic feature of the system is the service revision. It is available in PVC (QuadBox hybrid) or aluminium (QuadBox mono). The revision cover can also be made of transparent plastic with the possibility of LED illumination across the whole width of the box and integration with the installation of intelligent houses.

    Quadbox roller shutters are designed to be installed in a specially prepared lintel recess. The system is dedicated for new construction. It requires taking into account their installation already at the stage of house design.


    box shape: square

    The box:

    aluminium box with dimensions: 137x137, 165x165, 180x180, 205x205;
    in version with mosquito net: 165x165, 180x180, 205x205; with mosquito net: 165x165, 180x180, 205x205*;

    installation: by inserting
    type of armour: aluminium or PVC

    profiles: aluminium profiles filled with polyurethane foam or PVC
    revision flap: bottom
    installation anchors: no
    Weather resistance: yes
    Sound insulation (in a box): no
    thermal insulation (in a box): no
    *not including plasterboard.

    Shutters are a personalized product subject to individual quotation.

    The above price is only the base offer value and does not represent an offer to buy.

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