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    Roller shutter Concealed SP-E

    272.00 PLN

    The system is mainly intended for installation in newly erected buildings after prior consideration and planning of the installation method at the project stage in order to make the best use of its advantages. It provides excellent thermal insulation due to no interference with the window, lintel or door structure. Thus it does not affect the energy balance of the building. The system fits perfectly into the façade becoming its integral part. It is possible to install a mosquito net and armouring profiles made of various types of material, depending on the customer's needs.


    box shape: square

    box: aluminium in size: 137x137, 165x165, 180x180, 205x205 with mosquito net: 165x165, 180x180, 205x205

    type of armour: aluminium or PVC


    aluminium profiles filled with polyurethane foam 39mm - 52mm high and 9mm - 13mm thick

    PVC 37mm - 52mm high and 8mm - 14mm thick

    inspection flap: 1 from below

    guides: aluminium
    installation anchors: no
    Weather resistance: yes
    Sound insulation (in the box): no
    thermal insulation (in the box): no

    electric drive,

    Mosquito net: optional

    Maximum width of the box: 4500 mm.
    Minimum width of a box: 500 mm.
    Limited height and width of integrated mosquito net.

    Shutters are a personalized product subject to individual quotation.

    The above price is only the base offer value and does not represent an offer to buy.

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