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    Roller shutter top-mounted OPOTERM

    272.00 PLN

    A solution for the most demanding customers, especially due to the number of possible personalized facilities. The decisive advantages of the system include, among other things, increased thermal insulation thanks to additional insulation of the box, as well as the possibility of insulating the frame by using narrow guides made of extruded aluminium for mini and maxi profiles. Also, upon the customer's request, the system can be equipped with a built-in anti-insect net. Another additional advantage of this model is the possibility of using the front panel of the box made of extruded aluminium, adjusting its visible elements to the colour of the window frame.


    box shape: rectangular

    box: neopor-insulated PVC with neopor heating with dimensions: 230x170, 230x210 and 255x240

    type of armour: aluminium or PVC

    aluminium profiles filled with polyurethane foam or PVC of 39mm - 52mm height
    PVC 37mm - 52mm high

    inspection flap: front / bottom (*with the plate rounded off only the front)

    guides: aluminium
    installation anchors: yes

    Weather resistance: yes
    Soundproofing: yes

    thermal insulation: yes

    electric drive,

    Mosquito net: optional and built-in in the mosquito blind box

    The use of an extension profile enables the boxes to be mounted on window frames up to 102 mm wide with a bottom revision. The profile is available in 9 colours.

    Shutters are a personalized product subject to individual quotation.

    The above price is only the base offer value and does not represent an offer to buy.

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