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    Roller shutter top-mounted Roka-Top 2

    272.00 PLN

    The system is an advanced technological solution that is ideal for both new and renovated buildings. Improved within the lintel area, it has an inspection opening on the room side to ensure the tightness of the whole structure. Moreover, the foam profile additionally increases the sealing, thus avoiding thermal bridges in the cover. The white colour of the profile harmoniously blends with the window frame, which increases its optical quality. The innovative structure and material of the cover allows for easy assembly, which in consequence facilitates very good matching of individual elements and aesthetic appearance, as well as insulation of the whole system.

    Also available is the Roka-Top 2 EX version, thanks to which the installation of the box on the window becomes even simpler and faster.

    The EX version is a great facilitation in terms of mounting the box on the window. The whole length of the box is joined by means of the window profile. In this way, an airtight connection is created, thanks to which the structure retains its tightness, high thermal and acoustic insulation parameters.


    box shape: rectangular
    box: style
    type of armour: aluminium
    profiles: aluminium profiles filled with polyurethane foam
    inspection flap: from the bottom inside
    guides: aluminium, PVC
    installation anchors: yes
    Weather resistance: yes
    Sound insulation (in the box): yes
    thermal insulation (in a box): yes

    electric drive,

    Additionally, the foam profile guarantees sealing and thus avoids thermal bridges in the cover.

    Clip-profile allows keeping clean during installation.

    Shutters are a personalized product subject to individual quotation.

    The above price is only the base offer value and does not represent an offer to buy.

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