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    Roller shutter top-mounted Roka-Top 2RG

    272.00 PLN

    Aesthetic solution designed for installation not only in newly constructed buildings, but also in renovated ones. Due to the introduced modernizations, it perfectly fulfils its function, among other things by maintaining full surface tightness and between the window and guides even during heavy rainfall. Its decisive advantage is the possibility of complete covering with plaster from the side of the room, which ensures its integration with the building, and thus its aesthetic covering.

    Also, available is the Roka-Top 2RG EX version, which guarantees quick and easy installation.

    The EX version is a great convenience in terms of mounting the box on the window. It is joined along the whole length of the box by means of the window profile. In this way, an airtight connection is created, thanks to which the structure retains its tightness, high thermal and acoustic insulation parameters.


    box shape: rectangular

    box: style
    type of armour: aluminium
    profiles: aluminium profiles filled with polyurethane foam
    revision flap: exterior
    guides: aluminium
    installation anchors: yes
    Weather resistance: yes
    Sound insulation (in the box): yes
    thermal insulation (in a box): yes

    electric drive,

    mosquito net: none
    A permanent connection to the box will ensure absolute tightness from the room side.

    The PVC profile used to fasten the window frame for optimum stability is always equipped with a torsion-resistant steel reinforcement.
    Additionally, the use of neopor increases the insulation properties.

    Shutters are a personalized product subject to individual quotation.

    The above price is only the base offer value and does not represent an offer to buy.

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