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    SHL 0000 - External roller shutter- manual, rotation

    SHL 0000


    • Reduces solar heating by up to 94%*
    • Provides complete blackout
    • Improves insulation performance by up to 17%*
    • Reduces rain and hail noise by 10 dB

      External shutters VELUX

      They are perfect for every season, in every climate. They ensure that the interior does not overheat in summer and that the winter does not cool down. Moreover, they allow complete blackout at any time. Reliable, maintenance-free,
      aluminum construction works in all weather conditions. It helps to protect the window from being balanced by burglars. It also reduces noise caused by rain and hail.

      Additionally, you can choose the product: 

      • mosquito net 
      • internal roller blind

      In order to choose the right roller shutters/Blinds/ Awnings, it is necessary to check the model and size of the window.


      • The SHL roller shutter cannot be installed on VES generation windows.
      • The SHL roller shutter cannot be installed with windows to which the ZZZ 181K handle has been mounted.
      • External roller shutters cannot be mounted on Cabrio windows, roof balconies, upper lighting elements, knee windows, windows that function as escape hatches, have a smoke ventilation system installed or are installed in a twin system - one next to another at a distance of 18 mm.
      • In case of installation of external shutters in KOMBI sets one above the other it is necessary to use a special flange, e.g. EKW 0007J, ensuring the required distance between window frames - 25 cm. 
      • External roller blinds cannot be installed together with awnings. 
      • In case of installation of external roller blinds on windows connected with lower GIL and GIU lighting elements - SMG roller blinds are required on special order. 
      • In case of installing SSL external solar roller blinds on GGL or GGU solar windows, it is necessary to buy an adaptation kit ZOZ 213, which allows to move the solar panel of the window to the cassette of the blind.
      • The external solar roller shutter cannot be mounted on solar windows narrower than 78 cm (i.e. sizes with the symbol C and F). Compatible with roller blinds installed on windows

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