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    Roller shutter adaptive SK 45

    272.00 PLN

    A system with a characteristic box cut at 45 degrees on the outside. Ideal solution for those who prefer finishing elements with sharp, geometric shapes. The roller shutter is designed to be mounted both directly on the building's facade and in a recess on the window frame thanks to the universal shape of the box.

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    The shutters are used in existing buildings.

    Construction of ALUPROF shutters

    The boxes and rails in each system are different, while the armours in each system are made of aluminium profiles, covered with two layers of lacquer. Due to the foam filling (which are offered in different colours), they are characterized by good thermal and sound insulation.

    Usage and description of the operation

    System designed for use in existing buildings. The roller shutter is rolled up into an aluminium box, which is then a decorative element, matching the appearance of the building. The access to the service of the roller shutters is located outside the room.

    Installation description

    Roller shutters in this system can be installed in window joinery (in a recess) or in the wall. Installation of the roller shutter requires drilling through the wall or the window frame in the case of manual control, with electric control at the height of the box, the power supply of the roller shutter should be led out.

    When installed in a niche, the rails are screwed to the window frame and the box overlaps the window, reducing its light. This type of installation is easier and the roller blind is less visible because it hides in the window opening.

    In the case of mounting the roller shutter on the wall, it is required to use appropriate pins, depending on the material of the wall or insulation.

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