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    SP-E - adaptive, external shutter


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    Construction of ALUPROF shutters

    Roller shutter profiles are made of high-quality aluminum sheet, covered with a two-layer lacquer coating in the PUR-PA system, characterized by increased resistance to abrasion and weathering. Thanks to the foam they are characterized by good thermal and sound insulation.

    The roller shutter box built under the lintel is an integral part of the building together with the elevation. The front of the box is at the same time a base for any finishing material (e.g. plaster, clinker), thanks to which it remains an unnoticed element of the facade.

    Usage and description of the operation

    The pre-wall installation system SP-E is designed for use in new buildings. The roller shutter box is invisible from outside.

    Installation description

    The shutter box is located outside the room. The roller shutter is installed after the installation of windows, but before the building is insulated because the box is designed for installation. It can also be installed on the wall, but only if it is completely hidden in the thickness of the building insulation. It is necessary to remember about thermal insulation of the surface between the box and the lintel, it is possible after proper preparation of the lintel structure or, if it is not possible, after installing windows extending beyond the face of the wall by the thickness of this insulation. 


    Roller shutters can be controlled manually or electrically.

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