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    TLR - sun tunnel, for pitched roof, rigid, flat roofing material

    1915.00 PLN

    TLR - sun tunnel, for pitched roof, rigid, flat roofing material

    The sun tunnel brings light into the room through a specially designed tunnel leading from the roof of the building to the ceiling.

    Where to install:

    For rooms located inside the last floor of the building, where the use of windows is not possible. Ideal for windowless bathrooms, hallways and walk-in wardrobes.

    Main components

    • Roof module with removable sash for installation on the roof side,
    • Complete airtightness thanks to the new BFX insulation, which tightly adheres to the elements of the skylight, protecting against the moisture,
    • Highly reflective TWR/TLR/TCR rigid tunnel with a 98% reflective mirror coating effectively brings light into a distant room,
    • Flexible tunnel type TWF/TLF/TCF,
    • Ceiling element with edge light effect, so that light is distributed even more efficiently,
    • Faster and easier installation of the rigid tunnel thanks to special clips,
    • New, BBX vapour-barrier foil, tightly fitting to the skylight structure.

    Additional components

    • ZTR – rigid extension piece; for TWR, TLR and TCR,
    • ZTL – electric LED lighting kit,
    • ZCE – Raising base for mounting sun tunnels to a flat roof (TCF, TCR), allowing the skylight to be mounted in thicker layers of insulation,
    • BFX – moistureproofing insulation.

    Other features

    • The best materials to guarantee trouble-free using for many years,
    • The modern design fits perfectly into any interior design and the flat elements on the roof blend well with its surface, especially in the case of pitched roofs,
    • Simple and convenient installation without structural changes,
    • High reflectivity of the light tunnel.

    NOTE: External roller blinds, awnings and electrical systems cannot be used.

    Roof pitch

    Application of sun tunnel for pitched roofs 15° - 60°

    Application of sun tunnel for flat roofs 0° - 15°

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