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    Based on data from indoor air quality sensors and the current outdoor weather, it manages VELUX windows and roller shutters itself. For even better control and convenience, from now on, you can operate VELUX electrically controlled products using the app on your smartphone.


    • Automatic room ventilation: Based on local weather conditions, the system ventilates rooms 3 times a day.
    • Intelligent protection against heat: VELUX blinds and awnings will close on their own when they receive information from the nearest weather station about
      of the approaching heat wave.
    • Stand-alone installation: You can install and program VELUX ACTIVE yourself without the support of a specialist.


    The VELUX ACTIVE system is compatible with VELUX INTEGRA® mains-powered and solar-powered products, operating under the io-homecontrol® protocol, which have been available on the European market since 2006. To ensure compatibility with manually operated VELUX windows, you must first purchase and install a kit
    INTEGRA® adaptive (motor) adding mains or solar power.
    A permanent connection to the WiFi network is required to start up and use the ACTIVE system.

    The starter kit (package) includes:

    • One internal climate sensor: continuously monitors the room climate on the basis of 3 indicators: temperature, humidity and CO2 level.
    • Exit button: Pressing the switch when leaving the house (mounted at the exit door) will close all VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows. Safe ventilation with the ventilation flap will remain active.
    • Gateway: control panel connected to a Wi-Fi network: downloads weather data from the Internet, air parameters from sensors and controls VELUX INTEGRA® products. It connects to the "output" buttons. It also allows you to control VELUX INTEGRA® products using mobile devices.
    • Batteries, cables, mounts and 2 plugs.

    Additional elements:

    KLA 300 

    For optimal use of the possibilities of the VELUX ACTIVE system, it is recommended to install one indoor attic climate sensor per room with VELUX INTEGRA® products.

    KLN 300 

    It is recommended to install one "exit" button at each exit door of the house.


    The VELUX ACTIVE system can control max. 200 products. A maximum of 200 products can be connected to one gateway. 10 buttons and 10 sensors can be connected to one gateway. The user of the VELUX ACTIVE system can independently set a range of optimal air quality parameters for yourself: temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide level. The main user of the VELUX ACTIVE system can give access to to the application also to the other household members. One gateway can be operated with max. 15 mobile devices.

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