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    VENTEC VT 601 - manual

    VENTEC VT 601 - manual

    Diffusers are fixed at a height above 2 m above the floor (usually in the upper window frame), the fresh air flowing into the interior is heated by warm air masses in the apartment. Ventilation gaps are so small that they do not let in sound. They may have a constant cross-section, giving regular air exchange. This is due to the fact that its access through ventilators is dependent on the difference in pressure outside and inside the house. You can also choose window diffusers with control, in which a damper allows you to dose the amount of air you admit.


    20 m³/h (Δp = 10 Pa)
    28 m³/h (Δp = 20 Pa)

    Dn,e,W (C;Ctr ) = 33 (-1; 0) dB
    open vent

    Dn,e,W (C;Ctr ) = 36 (0; 0) dB
    closed vent

    Choice of diffuser color

    Standard color - White

    Color on one side (white on one side)

    Two-sided color

    Shipping time: 20 days


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