Steel doors

Steel doors are made of one of the strongest materials out there, offering safety, energy efficiency, and durability. They are among the best security doors chosen by our clients in Ireland and throughout Europe ! They are easy to maintain and block outside noises efficiently. Steel doors are commonly used for both new builds and refurbishment projects.


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What are the benefits of steel doors? 

Steel doors are a secure and efficient alternative to more traditional materials used for the front doors around a home. Apart from looking good, they offer many advantages:


Steel is an extremely durable material, as all metals. Steel doors offer superior strength, can withstand any weather conditions and won’t crack under pressure.


Steel is an incredibly effective insulator. Additionally, steel doors are filled with an insulating foam to maximise their energy efficiency.


External steel doors are often called security doors. They are more secure and safer than the other types of doors because of the strength and toughness of its material. They are much more difficult to manipulate or break down, thanks to which they prevent unauthorised and uninvited access to the building’s interior.

Easy maintenance

Steel doors require little maintenance. They’re resistant to warping, rotting and are difficult to dent. They need only the occasional wipe down to keep them clean.

Why buy steel doors at Fenbro? 

Our external security steel doors allow you to combine form and function with options to suit all budget, aesthetic and performance requirements. They provide a reliable, durable, long-lasting solution.

Steel entry doors in our offer are available in a wide range of colours, multiple applications and with various opening directions. They can be customised in a variety of different ways. You can choose different finishes and designs. You can also add decorative glass to your chosen doors to help bring natural light into your home.

We offer safe purchase and delivery of security steel doors for our clients throughout Ireland and Europe. Contact our sales team and buy reliable products from trusted brands at Fenbro!

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