uPVC sliding doors

uPVC sliding doors are the first on the list of top products needed for delivery of modern, esthetic, and safe buildings – commercial and residential. The reason for their popularity is clear: they are very attractive in terms of the price on the market. Are you planning to upgrade your property with modern uPVC sliding doors? Check our offer to find the product that will complement the design of your home and make it even more comfortable.


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Why uPVC sliding doors?

The unique uPVC slide and bi-fold doors are the best choices when utilising limited space.

Fenbro offers the best quality and price uPVC sliding doors that complement a safe and energy-efficient building. By choosing Fenbro products, you can be sure of their strengths:

  • they last up to 40 years what makes them a clever investment
  • resistant to warping and flexing
  • almost maintenance-free
  • style is modern, contemporary and easily adapted to any buildings
  • they are thermal coefficient
  •  safe and secure solution – from handle operating to multi-locking mechanisms
  •  available in a large selection of colours

Sizing options:
– 2-6 pane options of uPVC sliding doors are available, and widths can be anywhere between 1000mm (1 metre) to 6950mm (6.95 metres). Sliding uPVC patio doors are ideal for most oversized door projects. The cost is determined by the width and height.

What to consider when buying uPVC sliding doors?

The choices you need to make when buying uPVC sliding doors are important to think through, so the style of your future windows will be compatible with the complete look of your house. The decisions you will have to make include:

  • type of glass
  • glazing (single, double or triple)
  • colours
  • lamination
  • hardware (from handles to locks)
  • required U-value

Still confused about what to think before buying uPVC sliding doors? Contact our sales team to get the answers to all your questions!

Why buy Fenbro uPVC sliding doors online?

We are experts at providing uPVC sliding doors solutions, and we will be happy to answer your questions. Our asset next to the best quality products is the safety of your purchase. What does it mean?

  • fully insured transport organised by Fenbro
  • your doors are entirely secured
  • you will get your purchase within a maximum of 7 weeks from the order day
  • we won’t leave you without information – you will be acknowledged of the delivery status by us

uPVC sliding doors: Price you can’t pass by indifferently

Many homeowners think that solutions such as uPVC sliding doors are overwhelmingly expensive, but don’t have to be. At Fenbro, we lower the cost of uPVC sliding doors while maintaining their high quality and timeless design by delivering windows and doors from Poland. Polish uPVC sliding doors cost far less than products available locally in Ireland and the UK. Check our offer to compare the costs with your local supplier, and don’t hesitate to ask for a free quote.

Are you wondering what the price depends on? We can provide you with uPVC sliding doors in different sizes and styles. We also recommend a number of accessories that give your doors additional properties and make their operation more convenient. Choose the product you like and customise it to complement your home. Our Sales Team will get back to you with the final price that is tailored to your specific needs.

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