Garage doors

Garage doors are an important asset to every home. They serve as protection and enhance the curb appeal of the building. Garage doors are to serve us for a long time so their purchase is an important decision and it has to be taken carefully. Garage doors are an investment in your home and something that will be visible for years to come. 


Roller garage doors are a good choice when you want to save up space on the walls and on the ceiling. The roller doors consist of slats that can roll around itself at the top of the door opening - on a roller shaft hidden in a box. Roller garage doors are manufactured with either steel or aluminium. They offer good insulation. 
Sectional garage doors are the ultimate choice for any garage. They open vertically and are non protruding. The structure of sectional garage doors includes several horizontal panels joined together by hinges that enable the door to bend and curve as it goes up and down. Sectional garage doors are available in a selection of designs and colours. They can be operated manually or automatically. 

Why choose garage doors from Fenbro  

Garage doors offered by Fenbro come from leading brands and manufacturers. Backed by the best designers and specialists, they are comfortable and convenient solution for your garage. All the garage doors in our offer meet the highest safety standards and are available in a wide range of colours from the RAL palette.  At Fenbro, you can choose from a selection of garage doors characterised by stable construction and the use of top-class materials. 


How to select the best garage doors for you home

When choosing the best garage doors to suit your home, you have to pay attention to a few important aspects. 

One of the first steps to garage doors installation or replacement is determining the right size. When you give the dimensions of the door, make sure that your garage can accommodate a garage door opener and the door in both open and closed positions. 

Another important factors is home architecture. Decide if you want the garage doors to match the siding, trim or shutters on your house. There are many different materials and designs to choose from.

Because of high energy costs, garage doors insulation is another important factor. The thermal property of insulation is expressed as an R-value. The higher the R-value, the better. It can help garage doors operate more quietly and reduce outside noise.

Customers are also concerned about garage doors prices. Remember that garage doors are a personalized product and they are always subjected to individual quotation.  


What makes Fenbro garage doors unique

For customers interested in garage doors in Dublin and around Ireland, Fenbro offers professional installation services. We provide full support on each stage of the purchase and transport of your products. Contact our sales team to learn about Fenbro garage doors prices and offer.

How it works

Asking for a quote

Press ‘Get a quote’ button and submit your enquiry with the chosen joinery parameters.

Receiving the quote

Our sales team will return to you with the purchase quote on joinery, delivery/installation costs and the lead time.


Our employee will go through all the information included in the offer together with you.

Agreement & Payment

It is the stage where we confirm the contract and you make the payment.


It’s the time it takes to produce your ordered joinery.


This is the shipment period for your ordered products.


If you’re interested in our installation services, we agree on the dates individually.

Wondering what you can achieve with us?

Frequently asked questions

How do I get a quote?

First of all,  you should send us your enquiry where you specify your chosen joinery parameters, dimensions and qualities.

In order to prepare a quote for you, we need the following details:

  • Model window/door (aluminium/uPVC) – [any specific U-value is required?]
  • Width x Height [mm]
  • Colour from internal/external side
  • Glazing: double/triple
  • Eircode (so we can check delivery cost)
  • Contact details, email address, phone number

In case you want the quote for installation services as well, let us know and specify whether you are interested in a new project or windows replacement.

Next, we will provide the personalised quote for the purchase of joinery together with installation costs, delivery and lead-time.

Please send all the information and enquiries about our offer to the following e-mail address:

Do you deliver & install joinery?

We deliver joinery to Ireland every week. At the moment, we offer installation services only in Ireland.

Our offer includes:

  • Product
  • Delivery
  • Installation (Ireland) + after-sales service
  • You receive a 5-year guarantee on Windows/doors (10 years for VELUX) and 2 years for the fitting.

We do not have any showroom in your country. All our joinery is sent to customers directly from Poland.
Our Company is based in Warsaw (Poland) and we also have a local sales point and warehouse in Ostrołęka, Poland.
All joinery is produced by Polish producers.

What are the delivery costs?

The cost of each delivery is calculated individually. The cost of delivery depends on the weight and size of pallets and their number.

Please send all enquiries about our offer to the following e-mail address:


Do you have a price list?

We are selling complex products, tailored services and our customers often require a special solution. That’s why each of our products is personalised and we do not have the standard price list. Every product is quoted according to individual customer needs.

Please send all enquiries about our offer to the following e-mail address:

How does the payment for your service look like?

There are two payment options for our customers.

A) You can pay in two instalments:

  • 50% when you accept the order
  • another 50% before the dispatch of the goods.

B) You can pay full (100% of the amount) in advance.*

*then we give you 2% discount

We only accept payments via bank transfer.

What is the warrantee/guarantee on your products?

All windows  and doors purchased at FENBRO have a following full guarantee:

  • 5 years for all our products

  • 10 years for all VELUX products

  • 2 years for the installation (with service provided by us)

In case of each sale, you get a sales contract together with an invoice. We always archive all invoices for 5 years as evidence of purchase.

Guarantee and complaints:

In case of any complaint, we will ask for photos and a description of what happened (preferably by an email). We are sending new products as fast as we can and in the meantime, we are taking care of the complaint. The typical length of time for complaint resolution is from 3 up to 4 weeks . You will get the spare parts within 7 -14 days. 

Please remember that the transport also is fully insured so everything is secured at all stages. For the delivery, you get a CMR document. It is a confirmation of delivery a proof that the products were received in good condition. You have 48 hours to check the conditions of your order. 

Depending on the type of the issue, we are sending spare parts, new products for replacement, or we refund the money.


Guarantee and DIY installation:

The guarantee is valid even if the window installation is carried out by our clients themselves or by an external company. The most important thing is that the installation is carried out in an artful manner and according to the installation instructions for the window.

Additionally, we offer support after the guarantee period is over. It means that if something happens with your joinery afterwards, we can get you all the necessary spare parts, ready-made products and tools to help you solve the issue (the service is chargeable at the end of the guarantee period). 

Please note that if you choose your own fitter, you are responsible for providing them with correct measurements of the openings as well as products dimensions. We cannot be held responsible for any irregularities in this regard.