Apartment entrance doors Wiked Protect

The Protect line of safe specialist doors is dedicated as entrance doors to apartments. They are perfect for all of you who value safety and comfort as well as high quality materials and innovative solutions. Apartment entrance doors Protect from Wikęd can also be installed inside the house – as an entrance to a garage, boiler room, etc.


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Why choose apartment entrance doors from Wikęd

Specialist Protect doors from Wikęd are the guarantee of protection, high quality of materials and precision of workmanship. They are available only with a reinforced steel frame and in 4 lines: Soundproof, Secure Soundproof, Fireproof Soundproof and Fireproof Secure Soundproof.

The Wikęd Protect apartment entrance doors offer several colours as standard and allow you to from a wide range of patterns and possibilities. What is more, they are distinguished by soundproofing at the level of 43dB. The Protect door will cope with noise perfectly, providing you with everyday comfort.


The cost of apartment entrance door

The Wikęd Protect series door will find its application as an investment product thanks to many configuration variants, allowing it to be adapted to the needs of the target customer. That’s why if you want to learn the price of your chosen model, contact the Fenbro sales team and ask for a free quote. We will come back to you with the tailor-made offer within 48 hours! If you decide to buy apartment entrance doors from us, we will provide you with safe transport and professional installation services, too.

How it works

Asking for a quote
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Asking for a quote

Press ‘Get a quote’ button and submit your enquiry with the chosen joinery parameters.

Receiving the quote
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Receiving the quote

Our sales team will return to you with the purchase quote on joinery, delivery/installation costs and the lead time.

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Our employee will go through all the information included in the offer together with you.

Agreement and Payment
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Agreement & Payment

It is the stage where we confirm the contract and you make the payment.

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It’s the time it takes to produce your ordered joinery.

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This is the shipment period for your ordered products.

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If you’re interested in our installation services, we agree on the dates individually.

Fenbro experts

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