Indoor window blinds

We install indoor shutter blinds or pleated blinds for better comfort. They allow us to decide how much natural light and warmth enter a room, as well as to improve its privacy. That is particularly relevant in the case of windows that are exposed to streets or windows of neighbouring buildings.

Being aware of t how important interior shutter blinds and similar systems are for their users, we deliver high quality solutions. Our interior blinds combine the functionality of interior windows shutters with the versatile design of roller blinds. They offer functionality and a modern look, as well as durability and easy maintenance.

Excessive solar radiation during summer months may make your interiors unbearably hot and hence, inconvenient to use. Pleated blinds for windows give you control over the amount of natural light and warmth entering a room. This is particularly relevant in the case of windows that are exposed to a great deal of sun during summer. Thanks to pleated blinds, you don’t have to cover them entirely to lower the temperature inside and protect the interior from excess light. Pleated blinds are designed to cover any part of the vertical window from above or below. They can cover the whole glazing unit as well. Thanks to their elegance and unique design, interior blinds not only help you to keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient, but also complement its modern look.

Benefits of interior blinds: Why install them in my home?

Exposition to excessive solar radiation can make the temperature in the room unbearable. By covering the glazing unit, indoor shutters help to reduce the heat and maintain an optimal temperature inside. Too much sunlight entering the room during the day may also affect your comfort and the quality of your rest. For this reason, it’s good to be able to cover any part of the window and hence, control the amount of natural light entering through it.

Interior blinds:

  • help to maintain the temperature in a room at an optimal level,
  • reduce the amount of sunlight in the room,
  • help to gain more privacy in rooms exposed to traffic and other residential buildings.

Interior blinds: Check our offer for high quality solutions

Fenbro offers high quality indoor shutters and blinds. Our selection of interior blinds includes:

  • pleated blinds,
  • pleated blinds DUO (version with two different, independently operated clothes),
  • interior roller blinds.

The blinds are available in a wide selection of RAL colours and veneers for unlimited design possibilities. They can be equipped with one out of two mounting systems, which allows either non-invasive or invasive installation. Thanks to the vast variety of available options, we are able to deliver high quality solutions that meet the requirements of modern interiors.

Check our offer for more details and feel free to contact us. Our Experts are happy to answer all your questions and help you to choose the best indoor shutters for your home or office.

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