Windows are a huge factor in the overall look and functionality of your finished home. If you happen to be a homeowner trying to upgrade the thermal comfort of your place, or you are after a somewhat original, yet modern look of your building, our offer of house windows is worth giving it a try. Check energy-efficient house windows available online at FENBRO. You will no longer wonder which product to choose for your project! Our windows price is another detail worth your attention. Thanks to reasonable double glazed windows prices, you won’t have to worry about window replacement cost.

uPVC Windows
uPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) is the most popular material for window frames. uPVC house windows are an ideal solution to keep your home energy-efficient. They are characterised by very good insulation parameters (U-Value) and a low price, as compared to other solutions (aluminium, wooden or Alu-Clad windows).
Aluminium windows
Aluminium windows are the first on the list of top products needed for delivery of modern, aesthetic, and safe buildings – commercial and residential. The reason for their popularity is the benefits they offer. Here you’ll find the explanation why aluminium windows are a very attractive bid on the market. One of the reasons you can’t pass indifferently is the cost of aluminium windows. They are available at affordable prices and offer very good value for money.
Steel is the most robust material on the market for windows. Steel frames are extremely durable and hard to break, and their lifespan is estimated at around 100 years. What is more, steel windows allow for design flexibility and are easy to clean and maintain - and all of that at a reasonable price. Check our steel window price list for more details and don’t hesitate to ask for a free quote.
Wooden windows
Wooden windows are manufactured from quality wood. They are surely one of the most beautiful windows to look at. But apart from that, they offer exceptional performance against harsh weather conditions. Timber windows offer high insulation, with double and triple-glazed options available in many colour choices. Although the cost of wooden windows may seem high when compared to other solutions, their installation is a profitable investment for years to come.
Roof windows in the house
All VELUX roof windows are fitted with triple glazed units, which provide excellent energy saving parameters. Combined with a warm roof windows installation system, they provide maximum thermal comfort. Now you can enjoy plenty of light without worrying about heat loss, which would translate into higher bills. And that’s not all. High quality VELUX roof windows cost less than you’ve probably expected. Delivered to your home directly from Poland, VELUX windows offer the best value for money.
Window with accessories
Windows accessories are necessary when you want to get the most out of your windows. They are characterised by functionality and easy installation. Thanks to careful manufacture and the selection of the best materials, our windows accessories guarantee satisfaction and quality. In this section, you will find everything you need to finish off the wide range of Fenbro windows.

Why windows from Poland are the best on the market?

If you wonder why you should buy your house windows at Fenbro, the answer is simple: because you get a premium class product at a very competitive price. Well, that’s true, but that’s not all! You also buy house windows as a complete product: from a free quote (within 48 hours!) to comprehensive technical advice, safe delivery and professional installation services, warranty and after-sales service.

It is also worth to note that windows from Poland available at Fenbro are made of the best quality raw materials and components. Labour costs in Poland are also lower than in Western Europe, while staffis highly qualified and production processes are constantly improved and optimised. These facts, combined with the most advanced modern machine parks and high technological facilities used by Polish window manufacturers, significantly increase the competitiveness of windows from Poland on European markets.

Why buy Fenbro windows online?

We are experts at providing window solutions. We will be happy to answer your questions so that you can be sure you have made the best choice buying online at Fenbro. Our asset next to the best quality windows is the safety of your purchase. What does it mean?

  • fully insured transport organised by Fenbro
  • your windows are entirely secured
  • you will get your purchase within a maximum of 4 – 7 weeks from the order day
  • we won’t leave you without information – you will be acknowledged of the delivery status by us
  • we provide a full windows installation

While we offer a wide variety of house windows and other products, we are not a typical windows shop, so there’s no fixed price list available on our website. To get a personalised offer, just contact our sales team to choose the best windows and get the free quote!

What types of windows can you find at Fenbro?

At our website, you can find house windows that are energy-efficient and eco-friendly due to the advances in technology. They will help you to lower your energy bills and carbon emissions, enjoying a cleaner, brighter and healthier environment.

Our offer includes all types of windows: uPVC, aluminium, timber and steel ones. Available in dozens of veneer colours, they will perfectly match any facade – both modern and classical.

Windows price: Lower window replacement cost while enjoying the high quality products

Window replacement cost may give you a headache! Double-glazed windows prices at your local supplier are far from reasonable and you still have to cover window installation costs. It is no wonder that you start questioning the need for new windows for your home, but don’t. Instead, take a closer look at our Velux windows prices and triple-glazed windows prices. What makes the windows cost so little in comparison to your local market?

Poland is one of the world’s larger window and door producers and exporters. National production is one of the reasons Polish manufacturers can offer high quality products at reasonable prices. By choosing windows from Poland, you will not only reduce the windows price, but also save on your bills with energy-efficient solutions. What is more, the price includes a full guarantee.

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