Sliding doors

Exterior sliding doors can bring functionality to a large opening or replace an exterior wall of the building. We have a wide range of sliding systems made of PVC and aluminium, which give wide possibilities in creating even the most complicated constructions. We also recommend a number of accessories that will give your external sliding doors additional properties and make their operation extremely simple and convenient.

uPVC sliding door
uPVC sliding doors are the first on the list of top products needed for delivery of modern, esthetic, and safe buildings - commercial and residential. The reason for their popularity is clear: they are very attractive in terms of the price on the market.
Aluminium sliding doors
Aluminium sliding doors are the perfect solution for modern and stylish properties. They feature advanced technology characterised by a slim aluminium frame and large glass units that give you an explicit transition from the inside out. This type of sliding doors will improve aesthetics without compromising on functionalities such as thermal and noise insulation.
Wooden sliding doors
Wooden sliding doors are a great solution for your home as they provide increased natural light and an unobstructed view of the outside landscape. They offer elegance in a choice of colours for the personal touch as well as excellent weather performance and high thermal insulation. Wooden sliding doors made of wood are a synonym of strength, durability and ease of use.

Why you should choose our sliding doors?

In our offer, we have PSK, Smart-slide and HST sliding systems. We guarantee you will find affordable as well as premium sliding door models with proven quality.

Whether you are looking for sliding doors perfect for small sizes or products ideally suited for installations in heavily exposed locations, you are in the right place.

Outdoor sliding doors in our offer are high quality products available in a wide range of styles, sizes, colours and materials. Thanks to this, you won’t have any problems with choosing your new sliding doors at Fenbro. – Whether you need a standard sliding door for your balcony or a huge, aluminium sliding door that will open up the space and allow for a smooth transition between your living room and patio, we’ve got you covered!

Which sliding door is right for you?

When you’re choosing your new patio sliding doors or replacing your current sliding doors, there are a few things to consider, listed below.

  • Cost-effectiveness

Depending on the climate you live in, the right patio doors could actually pay for themselves in reduced energy costs. The main factor to consider is the U-value – ask our team for an offer that will meet your needs.

  • The size

It will greatly affect the cost of your doors. You need to measure the patio door opening to a rough estimate of how much your new door will cost. You should also be aware that there can (and most likely will) be a significant difference in the final price. It depends on what exact type of sliding system you will choose and what materials your new terrace sliding doors will be made of. Modern sliding doors can be really large – they can measure several meters or even more (double sliding door, triple sliding doors etc.), but the results are really spectacular.

  • Style of doors

French doors, sliding patio door or bifold doors? Choose the type of the outside sliding doors that suits your needs and the look of your house the most. If you’re interested in French doors, make sure you have the clearance to open the door. A sliding patio door is better for homes that have smaller spaces. Bi-fold doors will usually be found at the back of a house, leading into a garden or summer house.

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