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Why choose us?

Do you want to develop your professional career with the market leader
in the joinery industry? Join Fenbro!

We offer you the opportunity to be a part of a very fast growing and exciting project and – what’s even more important! – a great and supportive team. Our goal is not only to provide the highest quality products and services, but also to create a workplace that inspires and motivates everyday development and improvement. Fenbro is an ideal place for people who are not afraid of challenges and are open to continuous self-development. We are looking for both experienced specialists and people who are just starting their professional journey.

Employee benefits

We realise that only in a friendly, safe and collaborative work environment employees can achieve the best results. That is why we create the working conditions in which our employees can fully use their potential. Our offer is comprehensive because it does not only include the necessary work tools and equipment, but also provides our people with interesting and ambitious self-development possibilities.

  • Friendly and healthy working atmosphere
  • A beautiful and modern office in Warsaw’s Ochota district
  • Supportive and helpful team
  • No set sales targets
  • A monthly commission from every customer who purchases our products
  • Internal trainings and self-development possibilities
  • Guaranteed conversations in English 90% of the day

Why employees like working at Fenbro

Joining Fenbro was the best possible idea for me! The company focuses on constant innovation, I learn new things every week. A supportive team and a great atmosphere at work are key factors for me that make me come to work with joy. I have a lot of independence in my actions and, on the other hand, the support of the team when I need it. Fenbro is a place where I can develop and pursue my passions. These are also people with whom I would like to spend time after work, integrating together. The company appreciates the commitment and initiative of its employees, which is very important to me. I found my place where I simply feel good - it turned out that the values which are important to me are the core Fenbro values, too


HR Specialist

I have been working in the window industry for 6 years and at Fenbro for over 2 years. To be honest, I can't imagine any better place to work. If you are looking for development opportunities, satisfaction with the results (also the measurable ones ;) ) and a workplace atmosphere that makes you want to get up in the morning - here it is!


Sales Process Coordinator

If you're looking for a place to stay for an extended period of time, Fenbro is the perfect choice. I have been working here for almost three years now, and the best thing about this workplace is the atmosphere. There is no unhealthy competition between colleagues as we all share a common goal. I enjoy my job every day and come to work without any stress. Everyone works at their own pace and in a way that suits them. I am extremely happy to be a part of this team :) .


Sales Manager

If you are looking for the ideal employer, Fenbro is the answer. I have been looking for a great atmosphere within the team, support and fulfilment promises - and I found it all at Fenbro. I really enjoy working with all team members who are full of passion. I am finally working for a company that wants me to use my creativity and implement my ideas to drive the business forward. Most of all, at Fenbo I can spread my wings and be myself. On a daily basis, I perform different tasks and activities scheduled by myself, so that way I avoid monotony at work. At Fenbro, you can develop your skills and progress with your career quicker than you think… so don't waste your time and join us!


Sales Process Coordinator

Working for Fenbro is something I've been looking for a long time. Here, I can realise my potential fully. Every idea is always considered and listened to. The support of the team is like nowhere else. Working here is never dull, people here are the people that will become your friends for life. Not to mention our workplace which is absolutely amazing! If you are a self driven, motivated individual and would like to work in a healthy environment, this is a place for you!


Sales Specialist

Working at Fenbro is above all pure pleasure. I really appreciate daily meetings with incredibly positive and motivating people. I can confidently say that we're like a group of friends that inspire each other and are always ready to help each other out at any moment.


Quoting Specialist

At Fenbro, every day brings something new but one thing remains the same: a great atmosphere and communication, both during everyday work and our team-building events. I really appreciate the development opportunities, matching positions to employees’ skills and, above all, the individual approach to each employee. Everyone feels understood here, receives feedback, and if they make mistakes, they have a chance to explain themselves and receive the necessary tips for improvement. And if you work hard, you are always properly rewarded :)


Social Media Specialist

Our office in Warsaw

Our modern and beautiful office is located near the city centre, in the popular Ochota district, overlooking the endless greenery of Szczęśliwicki city park. From here, you can easily access the nearby Western railway station, buses & trams.

The office working space includes common & half open working areas, standing work areas, unique meeting places, meditation and chilling rooms and many others. High-end ergonomic furniture and top-quality acoustic solutions create an inspiring, peaceful & effective work environment.

Our Team

Our biggest pride is our fantastic team: passionate and talented people who offer each other support and are great to work with. What is more, we love to spend time together outside the workplace – our outings are great fun, too !

Our job offers

If your CV matches our expectations, then we will give you a call. If the phone interview goes well, then we will arrange a longer video meeting, preferably via Google Meet. Afterwards, we will either invite you to join our team or encourage you to continue seeking new opportunities.

Do you want to help us become the No. 1 company selling top joinery products from Poland? Don’t wait, apply today!

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