Roof windows

All VELUX roof windows are fitted with triple glazed units, which provide excellent energy saving parameters. Combined with a warm roof windows installation system, they provide maximum thermal comfort. Now you can enjoy plenty of light without worrying about heat loss, which would translate into higher bills. And that’s not all. High quality VELUX roof windows cost less than you’ve probably expected. Delivered to your home directly from Poland, VELUX windows offer the best value for money.


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Roof windows – standards and usage

When deciding to build or renovate a house, think about clever and functional roof windows solutions that guarantee maximum comfort for years to come.

VELUX roof windows come in three standards:

Double-glazed roof windows from the STANDARD category represent the best value for money for those who want to invest in better energy efficiency and comfort. Equipped with affordable, maintenance-free triple-glazed units, they will make it even easier to keep heat inside your home.

Standard Plus
VELUX for years has been leading the way in roof windows comfort. Discover the innovative STANDARD PLUS offer – new solutions that guarantee a perfect view as well as a quiet and warm space in your home. Standard Plus roof windows will create ideal conditions for rest, sleep, study or work.

PREMIUM products offer a wide range of functions that will make your attic an unforgettable place full of luxury and comfort. The PREMIUM category means the elegant design of modern roof windows, automatic control and more light and space in the attic.

Roof windows in the Fenbro offer

For all VELUX roof windows, Fenbro provides a wide range of accessories and the possibility to personalise windows according to your individual needs. In the case of VELUX products, we also offer installation services in Ireland.

VELUX roof windows are the highest quality product and therefore the best choice for the most demanding customers. At Fenbro, we know that Product Quality is unrivalled, so if you are looking for the highest performing windows, then VELUX products are the best choice in their class.

If you have any questions about roof windows, the Fenbro sales team is ready to help you with your product selection.

Cost of VELUX windows: Enjoy high quality at reasonable prices

Homeowners in Ireland and the UK got used to the fact that high quality roof windows cost a lot. At Fenbro, we lower roof window prices by importing them from Poland. VELUX windows delivered almost directly from the manufacturer cost noticeably less than roof windows at your local supplier. But lower price doesn’t go hand in hand with lower quality, quite contrary. Polish manufacturers can provide their customers with high quality products at reasonable prices due to national production and low labour costs. At the same time, they use carefully selected materials and new technologies that guarantee quality, safety and durability of their products.

If you don’t like being overcharged, feel free to learn more about our offer and don’t hesitate to ask for a free quote! Our Sales Team will get back to you with the final price that is tailored to your specific needs.

IMPORTANT INFO: VELUX roof windows are only an “addition” to our standard offer, i.e. if the customer buys vertical windows and/or doors, then they can choose VELUX windows as an add-on (according to the minimum required order value). Buying only VELUX roof windows is unfortunately impossible.

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