External doors

External doors are a crucial part of any house or commercial building as they guarantee safety and comfort for many years. They should match the style of your home and complete the whole outdoor aesthetics. Front doors are available in a variety of designs and finishes as well as opening styles. 
Derpal front doors accessories

External wooden doors, apart from being a decoration for the house, should also provide adequate protection. Appropriate Derpal front door accessories are important to ensure comfort of use of the door structure and protect the interior against harsh weather conditions and burglary.

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Steel doors

Steel doors are made of one of the strongest materials out there, offering safety, energy efficiency, and durability. They are among the best security doors chosen by our clients in Ireland and throughout Europe ! They are easy to maintain and block outside noises efficiently. Steel doors are commonly used for both new builds and refurbishment projects.

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Aluminium doors

The elegant collection of aluminium exterior doors is an attractive offer for the most demanding customers, who appreciate modernity not only in terms of technology and security. We have a wide range of panel designs - with glazing, stainless steel applications or a decorative cutter.

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Wooden doors

Timber doors are a perfect choice for the lovers of modern and practical solutions based on traditional materials. Solid wood doors can last for decades (or even centuries!), if properly maintained. Thanks to high-quality varnishes, wooden doors are resistant to external conditions and easy to maintain.

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uPVC doors

uPVC doors are a popular choice for many clients because they provide a good balance between security, insulation, and cost. Do you want to buy affordable, good quality external uPVC doors online? At Fenbro, you will find this most popular door type in a large selection of models, colours, and glazing. You can customise any uPVC doors to meet your individual needs. That makes the offer of uPVC front doors match both classic and modern buildings. Check it and choose the best uPVC external doors for your home.

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Wiked front doors accessories

The external door is only fully decorative and functional with properly chosen accessories. Wiked front door accessories range from useful and aesthetical door fittings to intelligent technological solutions. Choose comfort, certainty and safety by selecting best accessories for Wiked external doors!

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External doors – materials and benefits

Front doors play a very important role for the comfort, security and appearance of your home. Each type has unique advantages and drawbacks. Choosing the right door material and type for your house may seem difficult. That’s why trust in our expertise! If you are looking for exterior doors in Ireland or anywhere else in Europe, contact our sales team and let them prepare the best offer for you!


The most common exterior doors materials

When planning the best solution for patio doors, homeowners generally choose between bifold doors and sliding doors. Surely, both bifold and sliding doors can add functionality and style to any home in an instant. Besides, thanks to modern materials and innovative technology, they offer functionality and ease of use. Nevertheless, there are some differences between these two types of modern glazed doors.

External bifold doors, as well as the internal ones, are probably mostly valued for ease of access between the indoors and outdoors and neat fold back action. The major advantage of smart aluminium bifold doors ( as well as the uPVC) is also the ability to open up an entire opening and provide panoramic views, completely removing any obstruction from inside to outside. Bifold doors may fold inwards or outwards, depending on the amount of space which you have when you slide all doors on the side.


Aluminium is strong and durable so aluminium exterior doors are tough and robust. They are incredibly resilient to the effects of weather so they do not rust and don’t require repainting. Aluminium has unlimited processing potential and can be used to make custom-sized doors.


Steel is stronger than other materials and steel exterior doors provide your home with maximum security from the outside elements or intruders. They are energy-efficient, weather resistant and they require little maintenance.


uPVC (Unplasticised Polyvinylchloride) is a highly resilient material. It is naturally resistant to moisture, atmospheric pollutions and rust. uPVC is a low maintenance material and uPVC front doors will retain their shape and strength for years to come.


What type of front doors is the best?

There is no definite answer to the above question, but we have some pointers for you that will help you make the right choice. As we already mentioned above, your house front doors should match and complement the style of your home, but that’s not all you have to take into consideration. Choosing the optimal material for your front doors is also crucial, determining not only the security level, but also energy efficiency. Good external doors will contribute significantly to making your home warm in winter and cool in summer. And last, but definitely not least, important matter is the available hardware and glazing options for a given model.


Why you should order external doors from Fenbro

We offer high quality uPVC, steel and aluminium doors that are suitable for modern and traditional structures. When you decide to buy Fenbro front doors in Ireland or elsewhere in Europe, you are offered the following benefits:

  • Aesthetic finish, dozens of models to choose from
  • Different variants of insulation of door panels and frames
  • Possibility to install electronic door access systems
  • Gearboxes for excellent sealing and increased security
  • Glazing – we offer house front doors with glazing that not only make the building gain an unusual design, but also help to illuminate the interior
  • Accessories – a wide range of handles and hinges as well as peepholes, letterboxes, installation of pet doors and door closers.

Find the perfect front doors for your home – in Ireland and throughout Europe. Contact the Fenbro sales team and customise your chosen product with a variety of textures, styles, and finishes.

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Asking for a quote

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Receiving the quote

Receiving the quote

Our sales team returns to you with the purchase quote on joinery, delivery/installation costs and lead time.


Our expert goes through all the information included in the offer together with you.
Agreement & Payment

Agreement & Payment

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Naturally! If you wish, you can arrange transport by yourself.

Yes, you can! Additionally, we offer support after the guarantee period is over. It means that if something happens with your joinery afterwards, we can get you all the necessary spare parts, ready-made products and tools to help you solve the issue (the service is chargeable at the end of the guarantee period).  Please note that if you choose your own fitter, you are responsible for providing them with correct measurements of the openings as well as products dimensions. We cannot be held responsible for any irregularities in this regard.

You can contact our customers at FACEBOOK (check the reviews) and see the pictures they sent us. Unfortunately, we cannot share any of our customers details (like their address, etc.) with you. Our privacy policy doesn't allow us to do any of that . But still, you can contact those customers who left their comments on Facebook on your own. Additionally, on our website, there is a section where you can see some of our realizations in Ireland. For customers in Ireland: If you wish to see our windows, our fitter (based in Ireland) has all models: samples and colour samples as well. When you are ready with the order, he will bring the samples for the final measurements meeting.

Your house plans are not necessary for us to prepare the quote for you. It would be much more efficient for us to have the list of your joinery together with the following details:

  • Width x height [mm]
  • Colour
  • Glazing: double/triple

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