Centre pivot windows

Centre pivot roof windows are the most popular type of roof windows. They are a great way to lighten up the room and provide natural ventilation. Such windows can be installed on a pitched roof of between 15-90° and are ideally suited to home extensions and loft conversions. Velux Centre pivots are the best solution for spaces with low ceilings or furniture placed below. What’s more, you don’t have to pay a fortune to upgrade your attic and enjoy a comfortable space, since centre pivot windows are available at affordable prices. The offer matches  both classic and modern buildings.


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Centre Pivot Windows – characteristics

  • The sash pivots in the middle of the opening with one half opening out into the room and the other half exiting outside.
  • They are opened using a top control bar so the bottom of the window does not need to be accessible.
  • Centre pivot windows can be operated either manually or electronically (by hand, control rod, wall switch and even a mobile phone)
  • They greatly increase the amount of natural light in your rooms.
  • They are available with a range of different glazing options (e.g. standard double glazing, more insulating triple glazing, security glazing)
  • Centre pivot roof windows can be rotated through 180°. This allows for easy cleaning and maintenance of the inner and outer pane from within the room.

Why buy centre pivot windows from Fenbro

We offer a wide selection of Velux centre pivot roof windows: easy to open and easy to use. You can choose among manual or automated controls and double or triple glazing for enhanced energy efficiency. We provide professional installation services of centre pivot windows in Ireland and ensure safe transport and support at each stage of your purchase. Check Fenbro offer!

Centre Pivot Windows: Price you can’t pass by indifferently

As far as roof windows are concerned, the pricing is far from attractive. What makes our offer different? At Fenbro, we lower the centre pivot windows price by importing windows from Poland. As a result, we can offer the same high quality products for incomparably lower  prices than at your local supplier.

Are you planning on upgrading your attic with modern roof windows? Don’t overpay by ordering them locally in Ireland or the UK. Centre pivot windows cost a little fortune here. By choosing Polish products, you save money and gain a vast variety of high quality products to choose from. Check our offer to compare the costs with your local supplier, and don’t hesitate to ask for a free quote. Our Sales Team will get back to you with the final price.

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