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    BluEvolution 92

    For whom?

    Guarantee of highest energy efficiency. The solution combines modern technology, functionality and great design, resulting in top-class windows. A characteristic feature of the system is the extremely snow-white color and gloss of the profiles.

    BluEvolution 92 windows already provide the best thermal insulation we can guarantee. A two-chamber glazing package, three gaskets and a 92 mm deep profile make the windows an effective barrier to heat escaping from inside. All these elements have an impact on the window's thermal transmittance coefficient, which is the main indicator for investors looking for energy-efficient joinery. The selection of solutions offered by us allows to achieve the lowest Uw coefficient on the market, required in a passive construction.

    Constructional features

    Windows-based on the BluEvolution 92 system are recommended to be supplemented with a warm distance frame. Frames from our offer show the best performance. They are made of insulating material, enriched with a thin layer of a special film, which allows to completely eliminate the penetration of sealing gases and water vapour. Thanks to their construction, warm frames from our offer not only improve the insulation of the glazing but also guarantee long-term tightness of the composite glazing and maximize savings of thermal energy losses.

    In order to reduce the thermal transmittance coefficient of the window, and thus create a window with the highest thermal insulation parameters, we recommend BluEvolution 92 windows to be equipped with a three-chamber glazing package. We offer glazing packages with Ug coefficient from 0.3. One of the options is also Climaplus 4S glazing. This is an extremely innovative solution. Climaplus 4S glazing transmits much less solar energy, thanks to which it is easy to maintain a pleasant temperature in the rooms in summer and to reduce expenses related to air conditioning. In winter, on the other hand, the pane will be an effective barrier for the heat escaping from inside.


    Class "A" profile,
    6-chamber construction,
    installation depth 92 mm,
    Standard steel enclosed in the frame,
    on a white, brown and caramel core,
    Fitting in standard equipped with 6 anti-burglary points per sash,
    as a standard, the handle (RU window) is locked incorrectly,
    As standard, microventilation in the corner (RU windows),
    Glazing in packages up to 61 mm wide,
    The standard glazing package is 4th/18Ar/4/18Ar/4th [Ug=0,5]*,
    system equipped with 3 gaskets,
    The fitting works in the so-called dry chamber - which increases its life span,
    characteristic, extremely white and shiny profiles,
    possibility of glazing in four-pane packages,
    possibility of using a concealed fitting,
    Available in a variant with a straight or half-faced wing,
    Recommended for passive construction.


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