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    For whom?

    Windows intended for installation in the insulation layer. The thickness of the insulation is not a problem, as Monoblock frames are available in several width variants. Windows dedicated to the French market.

    Constructional features

    Usually buildings are insulated from the outside. However, sometimes investors have different expectations. Sometimes buildings are insulated from the inside. This is a practical solution, but a problem may arise when replacing the joinery. Typical window systems will not work in such conditions. Monoblock frames were created with such a system of thermal insulation of buildings in mind.

    The possibility of choosing the width of frames (102, 122, 142 or 162 mm) allows for their proper selection, depending on the thickness of insulation. A special shelf, located on the external side of the frame, aesthetically masks the insulation along the entire perimeter of the window, eliminating the possibility of thermal bridges. The internal frame overlap, on the other hand, ensures aesthetic installation from the inside of the room without the need for gypsum treatment.

    Functionality is not the only feature of windows based on the Monoblock system. It is also safety. Already in the standard version, the windows are equipped with two anti-burglary catches per sash, pivots that make it difficult to break in with adjustable pressure, a blockade of incorrect handle position and internal middle pressure. However, the final selection of the hardware suit depends on the individual needs and requirements of the customer. We also offer WK1 or WK2 class hardware. In order to obtain a window with the highest security parameters, we also recommend to equip it with burglar-proof or tempered glass and Hoppe Secustik handles with a key.

    In order to maintain proper ventilation in rooms, we supplement all our tilt and turn windows with micro-ventilation in the corner. After moving the handle by 45o, the sash will move away from the frame by a few millimeters, which will enable so-called "slot ventilation".


    Class "B" profile,
    Installation depth 70-162 mm,
    5-chamber wing construction,
    a 2-seal system,
    standard blockade of incorrect handle position (RU window),
    Fitting as standard equipped with two anti-burglary points per sash,
    possibility of glazing in packages up to 42 mm wide,
    The standard glazing package is 4/16Ar/4th [Ug=1,1]*,
    possibility of using a covered fitting,
    the central handle can be used,
    possibility of using a handle-controlled opener brake,
    Possibility to combine the frame with different types of sashes (Classic-line or Round-line).

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