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    The smart-slide door is a new solution that can be an attractive alternative to patio doors type PSK/ HS.
    The price is 50% lower than the HST door, but 20% higher than the PSK door. Failure-free construction

    Constructional features

    The smart-slide door is a new solution in the sliding door/window segment. A well-thought-out combination of technical solutions makes smart-slide achieve very good results in terms of air permeability, wind resistance, and resistance for water-tightness. All of this is achieved by means of properly matched sash circumferential gaskets, which are pressed against the frame by turning the handle, along the entire circumference. High tightness is also ensured by locking points in the post area.

    Closing the door

    The innovative closing mechanism allows for simple and intuitive operation, similar to the solutions used in Lift&Slide doors, type HST / HS. Specialist window fittings ensure that the sash, when unlocked, moves freely and without the slightest resistance to the unopened part of the structure. The locking mechanism allows for gentle closing of the sash in the frame, and at the same time easy operation of the sliding door.

    Sash dimensions & stable construction

    Maximum sash dimensions are 1.5 x 2.3 m. Locking on the whole perimeter of the sash provides a high pressure force, and at the same time, when opened, the sash moves extremely smoothly, with minimal force. This is a very important advantage, especially in comparison to the bottom-sliding constructions, which can be difficult to operate with a large number of opening/closing cycles. In addition, thanks to the profile design using Multifalz technology, it is possible to optionally use the glued-in panes. This technology allows to have higher stiffness of the entire structure.


    The new smart-slide door is characterized by simplicity of manufacture, which allows for high production efficiency. This is possible mainly due to the small number of profiles used in their production. As in the case of HST doors, the frame is welded, the system uses a post from the Ideal 4000 system, and permanent glazing is realized directly in the frame.

    Door opening solutions

    The use of smart-slide doors is also a step towards the optimal use of space inside the room, as opening the door does not require opening the sashes that would deeply interfere with the living space. Smart-slide doors can be made in two schemes - A and C:

    A - 2 square meters - with one movable sash (left or right),
    C - 4 square metres - with two central movable sashes

    Features of the model

    - installation depth of the sash 70 mm
    - Uf = 1.3 W/m²K
    - possibility to use glazing units up to 41 mm
    - hidden fittings
    - available in a variety of colors
    - possibility of using technology glued-in bonding pane inside

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