Roof window blinds

Roof window blinds are great way to control light levels from your roof windows. They are very useful when the sunlight disturbs you at work or falling asleep. Installing them is easy and necessary in the rooms located in the attic. Roof window blinds from our offer will not only give you protection and privacy but will also fit into your home decor.

Roller Blinds at the bedroom
Roller blinds are the most classic choice among available window blinds. They are versatile and compatible with all types of windows. Not only do they protect against excessive sunlight and overheating your room, but they are also a perfect finishing touch to your decor. Roller blinds come in two fabric directions, front roll or back roll.
Pleated Blinds in the room
Roof window pleated blinds are original and functional coverings for windows. They are made of a single layer of fabric folded into pleats. They take up much less space compared to other types of blinds and still give your room a muted shading effect. Pleated blinds offer privacy and limit excessive heat transfer from the window - but they don’t block the sunlight completely.
Electric Shutters
Electric vertical blinds allow you to make your home much safer and more comfortable thanks to the effective protection from the sun, wind, rain, snow and other weather conditions as well as improved burglary protection. Electric shutters use a small motor that turns the tube to which the blind is attached, closing or opening the shutter. These motors are extremely silent and energy-efficient, which makes them practically unnoticeable when operating.
Venetian blinds, known also as horizontal blinds, are a classic, practical and easy to clean solution for your windows. They provide privacy and are great for controlling the amount of light and air that comes into a room using the tilt function of the blind slats.

Why buy roof window blinds

Roof window blinds help to regulate the amount and intensity of the sunlight entering your rooms. They play blackout and decorative roles. You can adjust the blinds to your preferred light level for effective coverage and privacy. In order to choose the right roof window blinds, it is necessary to check the model and measure the size of your roof windows.

Roof window blinds – useful features

  • Variable adjustment of the position – they can be lowered to the desired height
  • Constant ventilation – lowering and raising the blinds does not require closing the window
  • Trouble-free operation with the applied solutions, e.g. side guides, shielding cassette or self-locking mechanism.

Ordering roof window blinds from Fenbro

Fenbro offers high-quality roof window blinds for clients in Ireland and all over Europe. We have perfectly fitting roller blinds, pleated blinds or classic Venetian blinds for sale. We provide a wide offer of designs, colours of fabrics and finishing details. Blinds for Velux windows cheapest in Fenbro. Our great asset is safety and full support on each stage of your purchase (from quotation, purchase, production time, delivery up to post sale service).

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