uPVC Window IDEAL 5000

Brand: Aluplast
What you get
  • Centre gasket system with three sealing levels
  • Safetec inside – the additional interior profile web for the third gasket for improved thermal insulation and burglary protection
  • Double and triple glazing available in thicknesses up to 42 mm
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IDEAL 5000

IDEAL 5000 windows combine modern design with very good technical parameters. They offer perfect thermal and acoustic insulation as well as the highest level of burglary protection and comforting security. Harmonious shapes, solid construction and attractive design guarantee timeless elegance. The IDEAL 5000 system is a classic structure with a central seal. It is also available in a version with a lower frame, thanks to which you can easily light up any room.

IDEAL 5000 – benefits

  • Centre sealing system with three gaskets
  • The fixed interior profile web for the third gasket all around the window frame – it improves thermal insulation and prevents the sash from being forced open easily
  • Supplemented with a double-glazed unit – but it can be successfully replaced by a triple-glazed unit for lower thermal transmittance coefficient of the window
  • Better values of thermal insulation can also be reached with a warm edge spacer (added as standard to triple-glazed windows)
  • Embedded hardware channel for the highest level of burglary protection
  • 5 chamber profile in the standard combination
  • Available in a wide range of smooth and wood-like colours


Depth of the frame [mm]70
Maximum thickness of the glazing unit [mm]42
Number of chambers5
Number of gaskets3
Opening directionInwards
U-value0.87 - 1.2
Profile thicknessClass B
Wind resistanceC5/B5
Water resistance6A
Acoustic insulation29-38 db
Air permeabilityClass 3


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