It is not difficult to invest a lot of money in premium quality high-tech windows for your home. But if they’re installed poorly, the look of your interiors will suffer – as well as your living comfort.  And what is crucial when you want to successfully install new or replace old windows in your home? Correct measurements! You need to conduct measurements exactly right in order not to be left with a beautiful new window that doesn’t fit.  Seems obvious, right? However, it is not quite as simple as it sounds.

Downsides of wrongly measured windows 

Finding the correct size of your dreamed windows is not a difficult task – but it’s critical to get the accurate measurements. Windows that are measured properly are much easier to install than windows that aren’t the right size. In case of the latter, you might encounter problems, such as not  enough space to level and plumb the window. Then the material will have to be cut away or the window will be placed in a crooked way. If, on the other hand, there is too much space, it will be hard to lock the windows into place properly.

It’s obvious that buying the incorrect size of windows will waste a lot of your precious time and money. What is more, if you do not pay attention to accuracy while measuring a window, you will risk having it installed improperly. And this results in energy losses and… higher energy bills. So if you hope to reduce the amount of energy lost through your windows, improve the comfort of your home and save money – get correct measurements before ordering your new windows!

Measuring windows without mistakes

Fortunately, with proper advice, installing a new window or replacing the old one doesn’t have to be troublesome. Following some basic guidelines and tips from experts will help you make the process smooth and simple. We asked our best window fitter in Ireland, Marcin Wojtyczko , for a short mistake-free guide on how to measure windows for your home. Equipped with a measuring tape and a pencil, you can get down to work! 

Installing new windows

According to Marcin, in case of new building and new windows, you should measure the  width and the height from one edge of the brickwork to the other. Do not measure your existing window frame, but measure the brick opening. Measure brick to brick in at least three different places, and deduct 20 mm from the final width and 10 mm from the final height measurements. You should do the latter to allow for fitting tolerance around the new frame.

Replacing old windows

When it comes to replacing the old windows with the new ones, you should always go outside to record your window measurements. The height and the width should be measured from one edge of the brickwork to the other. It is important to add 10 mm to the final width. In case of the height, you should measure the window tightly up to the cover strip (which itself is not measured). To ensure your measurements are accurate, always take internal measurements as well. It is necessary as window linings sometimes give different results. So it’s a matter of measuring everything accurately, after checking inside and out.

Usually, customers who order installation services at Fenbro, do not have to leave the house to measure their windows. They only have to take internal measurements, always from one edge of the brickwork to the other and from the top edge to the window sill. Based on these dimensions, they can get a quote. If they are interested in our offer, Marcin does the measurements anyway, when he comes for the first visit before ordering.

More tips to keep in mind

Taking all what Marcin said above into account, you should also remember about a few necessary details that will help you take measurements in the most effective way. First, always use metric [mm]  rather than imperial [inch] measurements. Why? Simply because they are more accurate. Besides, most window manufactures and suppliers will convert your measurements to metric anyway. 

Secondly, never use your old window frame as a reference. The frame could have warped over the years, and taking measurements from it would be a serious mistake. And last but least, double check each measurement to be sure of the numbers. If the measurements are incorrect, the quote you’ll receive will not be the accurate one. What’s even worse, if you measure windows by yourself, wrong numbers will result in a wrong window delivered to your door. 

Professional measurements offered by Fenbro

Correctly conducted measurements and precision during window installation is crucial for achieving the best results. That is why choosing the right window installation specialists in your area is important. If you decide to order Fenbro windows from Poland and fitting service in Ireland, you receive a full warranty for the fitting as well as the installation and after-sales support. In case of installation conducted by us, you have a warranty that the dimensions of the joinery you receive will be correct. Our fitter will measure the openings before your purchase and we take full responsibility for the correctness of the dimensions of the joinery ordered. 

We highly recommend ordering our products together with the fitting service.  Why? If the fitting is not carried out by us, we are not responsible for the conformity of the dimensions you provide us with. We do not take measurements before the purchase and we cannot be held accountable for any possible discrepancies between the numbers you give us and the actual dimensions of the window opening. As a result, you may be required to pay for the window that doesn’t even fit. It really isn’t worth the hassle, is it?

Final thoughts

Windows don’t last forever – that’s a well-known fact. Whether you decide to refresh yours to modernise the look of your home or to save yourself some money on energy bills, getting accurate measurements is simply a necessity. You do not know how to find the best window fitting experts that you can trust your windows with? Go to their Facebook or Google profiles and look for customer reviews – on the basis of the latter you will learn how experienced these professionals really are. The opinions our customers leave about Marcin and his team’s work should clear all your doubts!