When the time comes for a serious home improvement project, such as windows replacement, you may often wonder whether to hire a professional fitting team to complete the installation or… simply do it yourself! Obviously, one can never underestimate a great deal of satisfaction resulting from knowing you addressed a problem and solved it yourself. And we admit that diy window replacement gives you the opportunity to test your handiness and skills around the home and may even potentially save you money. But is it really worth the hassle?

Instead of searching the internet for best diy replacement windows, try to be realistic about the amount of time such a DIY (Do it yourself) project would take you and whether you have skills, tools and time to conduct it all on your own. Before you even start thinking of replacing a window diy, try to visualise the entire process, from removing the old window to sealing the new one in – can you imagine yourself doing it all in an effective and satisfying way?

Why is professional window replacement better than DIY?

5 reasons why windows should be installed by a professional team

In our opinion, even if you are a handy person with some home repair skills, it would be best to leave a window installation to the specialists. Why? Simply because professional window replacement gives you peace of mind knowing that your installer has experience and expertise to get the job done right. Aren’t you convinced yet? Well, below you will find a few reasons proving that replacing a window diy may not be the best idea. 


Selecting an appropriate window is a challenge, requiring some technical knowledge and awareness of your own needs and possibilities. We have already proved it in some of our previous articles, for example here and here. Choosing the proper window size and type, obtaining the proper measurements, removing the old window and sealing the opening correctly after the installation are only some of the steps crucial for a long-lasting and good-looking final effect. Altogether, it is really a complex process that not many of you would like to go through by themselves. So in order not to get discouraged in the middle of your diy window replacement, rely on the company that will help you and guide you through every step of the window selection and installation process!

Why is professional window replacement better than DIY?


You may think that you can successfully deal with window replacing diy, but window installation is not as easy as it looks. It requires accuracy, precision, and patience to do a successful job.  That’s why it is really much more comfortable to rely on true window experts who have all the latest industry knowledge. They can suggest the best brands and solutions that would be the most suitable for your property, as well as for the climate you live in and weather conditions. They also know how the window installation will affect the wall surrounding your new window. Being an amateur window installer, you don’t have the training or experience to prevent the issues that could harm the integrity of your home. Also, remember that it would be your responsibility to measure the openings for the new windows. Are you confident enough in your abilities that the windows you order will fit? What will happen when you make a mistake with measurements? Bear in mind that windows are a personalised product (made according to individual criteria provided by the customer) and are non-returnable.

So whenever you decide to replace your windows yourself, you must be aware of the related risks. Hiring an experienced window fitting team, on the other hand, is assurance that your new windows will be installed properly and last in your home.


We are aware that it is entirely possible to install your own windows. But the truth is that it takes time and without the necessary training, it often leads to delays or mistakes that prolong the job. It is especially true if you are installing multiple windows. It may take weeks even with the best diy replacement windows, while a professional installer may be able to finish the job in a day or two.

What is more, the best window installation teams will install your new windows quickly and even remove all the debris from your property and dispose of it properly. And when they take care of all of this, you can save time and can focus on other tasks. Isn’t it enough of a reason to trust dedicated professionals?


Why is professional window replacement better than DIY?



The truth is that even the highest quality and best performing window will fail, if it is not installed properly. Incorrect window installation may result in drafts, which make your home less energy-efficient, and water infiltration, which can cause rotting in your window frames. Remember that the quality of your window installation will influence its longevity and how well it operates in the years to come. If windows at your home are not installed correctly, you risk future costly improvements. And even more importantly, the effort you put in the diy window replacement may turn out to be a complete waste of time.

Another quality-related issue is correct measurements. If the window fitting is not to be carried out by the company you order your windows from, they do not take measurements before the window purchase and, consequently, they are not responsible for the conformity of the dimensions given by you. It may result in wrongly chosen and ordered products and, consequently, rising costs of the whole diy window replacement. On the other hand, when you choose professional window replacement or installation by a reliable company like Fenbro, you have a warranty that the dimensions of the joinery you receive will be correct. When our fitter has measured the window openings at your home before your purchase, we take full responsibility for the correctness of the dimensions of the joinery ordered – which greatly eliminates the risk of mismatched products and improves the project overall quality!

Why is professional window replacement better than DIY?


Cost savings

When there’s a need to renovate anything in your home, the first thing you probably think about is cost. A window replacement isn’t a cheap project, so it is highly understandable that you start looking for savings. However, a window replacement ‘do it yourself’ option may only be attractive at first. Of course, you are able to avoid high labour fees to account for within the total installation price. The problem is that you will probably face unforeseen expenses anyway, resulting from e.g. fixing costly mistakes or purchasing specialised tools or materials. Did you know that high-quality flashing tape and caulk are necessary to create a proper seal around your window? Well, if you didn’t, we advise you to check building material prices nowadays – this may come as a surprise!

When choosing professional window replacement from reliable companies like Fenbro, you will not only receive a free quote from the Sales Team, but also get an at-home consultation with a fitter that will confirm all the window opening measurements. That will help to eliminate all the possible mistakes and additional costs you would have to bear if you ordered wrong and mismatched products.  


Pros of window replacement by Fenbro 

At Fenbro, we are ready to provide our customers in Ireland with high-quality window fitting services. Our professionals are experienced in all kinds of works related to the window installation. They are highly valued and assessed by all our customers who ever had the chance to use their services. Here you will find our customers’ enthusiastic REVIEWS.  

Why is professional window replacement better than DIY?

When ordering window installation services from Fenbro, you receive a full warranty for the window replacement as well as the installation and after-sales support. Additionally, we offer support after the guarantee period is over. It means that if something happens to your windows afterwards, we can get you all the necessary spare parts, ready-made products and tools to help you solve the issue, the service being properly chargeable at the end of the guarantee period. You have to admit that all of this takes a huge load off your shoulders, doesn’t it?


Hiring experts to install your windows

When the job goes beyond basic handy skills and requires advanced training, it’s better to leave it to professionals rather than to decide on a ‘window replacement do it yourself’ project. But make sure you choose a trustworthy window fitting team that not only reduces all the possible risks, but also assures that your new windows are expertly and attractively installed and can offer peak performance for decades to come. After you see Fenbro window fitters at work, you will never think again about diy casement window replacement – or any other window, to be precise!