Poland is the leading manufacturer and exporter of joinery in Europe – that’s what we already know, don’t we? We have broadly covered the advantages of purchasing windows from Poland in one of our previous blog posts: Why should you buy windows and doors from Poland? We explain the Polish joinery phenomenon!

Because of the latter and the fact that Poland is still a quite economical source of high-quality joinery (as compared to other major global markets!), many customers all over Europe decide to import windows and doors from our country instead of buying them from their local distributors.  That’s a very wise choice! Especially, when you realise that you can get the ordered products in a similar time as in your local market (from 4 to 7 weeks). However, despite many obvious benefits, it’s not a completely stress-free decision. As is always the case of such large-scale undertakings, questions and doubts are bound to appear. But with our help, you can go through this process smoothly and successfully. Here we will share with you some shipping-related things to keep in mind when you buy joinery from Polish window suppliers. 


Useful tips before you import 

How to transport windows from Poland

The good news is that Poland is a member of the European Union so its law system is fully compatible and consistent with current laws in most European countries. Still, there are some important rules to obey when deciding on the import of windows, doors or any other products from Poland.

First things first: for a start, you need to choose a window joinery supplier who has experience in exporting from Poland, compare offers from several manufacturers and transport prices. Choose the most professional one, with expertise in the field and positive customer reviews. Remember that businesses operating in Europe can benefit from the EU’s single market, as well as from certain trade agreements with other European countries. This means that most goods can move freely within the demarcated territory without additional costs or quantitative restrictions. This is called ‘the free movement of goods’.

 However, your situation is quite different when you operate in the UK. UK is treated by the EU as a third country since January 2021 – and it means that in your case customs clearance is required. As a customer, when importing windows from Poland, you can indicate the customs agency in the UK to be contacted by Polish customs officers. You can also choose not to indicate the agency and then the Polish customs agency will contact the preferred agency in the UK. The duty that will apply to the windows will be 0%, if the goods you order are the so-called ‘commodity of preferential origin’. The latter means that all the components were produced in the European Union, and the manufacturer has a certificate confirming it. This restriction does not apply to raw materials such as wood or steel used for production – these can come from any country.

Naturally, you have to remember about VAT – Value Added Tax that is applied to nearly all goods and services that are bought and sold within the European Union. Although the EU has uniformed rules on VAT, these rules may be applied differently depending on a chosen EU country. If you run an EU-based company, VAT will be charged on most of your sales and purchases within the EU. If you’re based in the UK and have a business importing goods from outside the UK, you can pay duties and VAT in a number of ways. If, on the other hand, you are in Northern Ireland, remember that although your country maintains alignment with the EU VAT rules , it is still part of the UK’s VAT system. For more details go to GOV.UK.


Preparing windows for transport

How to transport windows from Poland

Having in mind all the necessary legal aspects connected with importing joinery from Poland, start preparing for the safe and successful transport. It is a crucial issue when windows come into play. As extremely fragile goods, they need special treatment and preparation. When arranging transport by yourself, remember that windows should be appropriately secured, supported and stabilised. If you order windows from Fenbro, the warehouse always makes sure they are protected properly. The latter means they are placed on a wooden pallet with the rack, wrapped with stretch foil and tied with safety ropes or belts. Windows are also separated with a cartoon or sponge from one another to minimise the risk of scratches or pane breakages.That’s the standard on packaging offered by our warehouse in all circumstances – independently of the fact whether you organise the transport yourself or use the Fenbro services. 

If you buy windows from Fenbro and have decided to organise their transport yourself (or with a transport company of your choice), just let us know in advance.  We will arrange the most suitable time for you to pick up the goods directly from the factory or our warehouse in Poland. 


Why it is worth to buy windows together with delivery service

How to transport windows from Poland

You have to admit that there are a lot of preparations involved once you decide to buy and transport windows from Poland. Although it is surely a very beneficial and cost-effective solution, the ‘to do list’ may give you a headache – especially, if you already have a lot of obligations related to your job, building project or home renovation. That’s why the Fenbro offer includes safe and professional delivery services! We want to take the load off our customers’ arms (and minds!) and ensure your ordered products will arrive safely and timely at a destined location. 

When you order the delivery service from Fenbro, you have to worry neither about securing windows for shipping nor about any potential damage during transportation. The transport organised by us takes place on a wooden pallet with a stand and is fully insured. The pallets not exceeding 2000 mm in length are unloaded by a tail lift truck at the delivery location. The pallet will be placed unpacked on the ground. However, if you order the installation service from Fenbro, then delivery also includes carrying the windows and doors into your premises on the installation day. 

A very important aspect of our delivery service is a CMR document. It is a confirmation of delivery and a proof that the products were received in good condition and that the transportation was concluded under the specified conditions. You have 48 hours to check the conditions of your order. 

Let Fenbro do the job!

As you see, ordering the delivery service from us can make the whole windows purchase experience much easier and stress-free! We transport windows to all European and non-European countries and the cost of every delivery is calculated individually. In each case, delivery takes us about 5 days and installation – from 5 to 7 days. You have to add them to the production period to calculate the proper lead time. If you want to know the exact lead time of your ordered products, estimated costs and all the other necessary details related to our delivery service, contact us directly HEREWe will willingly answer all your questions!