Modern architecture is all about large glazings. They help to open up the space and allow a lot of gorgeous natural light in. If you want to make your home more effective, following the trend of frameless doors and windows is the best choice.

Frameless sliding doors create large openings to connect your home with nature and allow easy access to the terrace or garden. What’s more, they offer an undisturbed view and beautifully blend the distinction between the indoors and outdoors.

Unframed windows – What are they?

A frameless window refers to the model characterised by a reduced amount of window material (frame, sash) with no obvious chunky frame. It’s a new design phenomenon, very popular among architects and owners of upscaled properties. Such designs present themselves especially good in modern sliding door systems.

Slim profile windows look very much alike frameless windows and thus, are often considered as their more affordable counterparts. The idea behind each slim look window is to offer the largest possible glazing unit without an obvious frame that sharply cuts the glazing into smaller panels. With slim profile aluminium windows, you can achieve a very similar effect. Also, their U-value will be better than in standard windows. Glazing unit is the warmest part of the window, so here you can have even more glass in a single sash. With the maximum dimensions of the window sash (up to 2800 mm high and 1200 mm long) and a very thin profile, you can enjoy the beautiful view without being disturbed by heavily framed perimeters of the panes.

Frameless doors and windows – Where to look for them?

At Fenbro, we offer high quality doors and windows that meet requirements of modern residential architecture. Our assortment includes a vast variety of frameless windows for houses and commercial buildings. If you want to make the most out of the beautiful surroundings of your home and – at the same time – create a stunning living space, you are in the right place.

Feel free to learn more about our versatile offer of slim profile windows and doors. We deliver windows and doors with full guarantee and installation services all over Ireland. Our Sales Specialists are ready to answer all your questions and help you choose the best frameless sliding doors and windows for your home. Please be aware that the products we listed below don’t cover the full scope of our offer.

Frameless aluminium windows

Frameless aluminium windows are very popular among architects and homeowners. They are highly appreciated because of their qualities. Aluminium systems offer contemporary aesthetics, durability and outstanding technical parameters. They are also easy to maintain and retain their stunning appearance for years to come.If you are looking for frameless aluminium windows, these are the systems we recommend:

Aluminium Window SlimLine 38 by Reynaers

SlimLine 38 is a system of inward opening windows, combining elegance and comfort with unique design. It’s a perfect solution for contemporary architecture as well as classic properties. As a unique joinery solution, SlimLine 38 responds to the challenges and needs of architectural projects. It offers harmony between a durable material and a minimalist, diverse design.

Following the trend of frameless windows – freedom and elegance

Aluminium Window COR 80 Hidden Sash TB by Cortizo

COR 80 Hidden Sash TB is a great solution for contemporary designs. It’s a highly aesthetic system, with the sash concealed behind the frame. The solution meets the trend of frameless windows perfectly, since it maximises the glazed surface and lets much more sunlight in.

Following the trend of frameless windows – freedom and elegance

Aluminium Window Decalu 110 Steel by Deceuninck

The system is characterised by a “steel look” achieved due  to characteristically cut profiles. Decalu 110 Steel is ideal for installation in flats or rooms arranged in a “loft” style and fits perfectly into walls made of architectural concrete or bricks. Like most slim-profile windows, Decalu 110 Steel offers a large glazing and an unobstructed outside view.

Following the trend of frameless windows – freedom and elegance

Aluminium Window MaxLight Design by Alipast

What characterises MaxLight Design is a smooth and slender profile line. The specific shape of the profiles gives an industrial, modern character. That makes the system ideal for modern buildings and loft-style apartments.

Following the trend of frameless windows – freedom and elegance

The system is available in four versions:

  • MaxLight Design
  • MaxLight Invisible (characterised by a special shape of the frame that hides the sash)
  • MaxLight Modern (characterised by a modern design and minimum visibility of the profile width)
  • MaxLight Steel (characterised by a unique and modern ‘steel-like’ design)

Frameless uPVC windows

Although frameless uPVC windows aren’t as popular as their aluminium counterparts, you can still find them in the Fenbro offer. The product that should meet your needs and expectations in terms of minimalist look, durability and technical parameters is uPVC Window Ideal Neo MD by Aluplast.

Ideal Neo MD with middle gasket is a unique and innovative system, characterised by simple structures, strong angles and narrow window rebates. While the simple, cubist shape ensures easy adjustment to any interior, the system is perfect for both modern homes and renovated buildings. Ideal Neo MD uPVC windows are available in three core colours: brown, anthracite and white.

Following the trend of frameless windows – freedom and elegance

Frameless sliding doors

Frameless sliding doors are irreplaceable in modern homes and commercial buildings. They are functional and elegant, just like the spaces they allow us to create. If you are looking for seamless sliding doors, we can recommend you the following systems:

Aluminium Sliding Doors COR Vision Galandge by Cortizo

COR Vision Galandage is an aluminium system designed to create a transition to the full width of the opening. Determined by the selected option, 1, 2 or even 3 movable sashes can be completely hidden in the wall, leaving the opening unobstructed. In the COR Vision Galandage system, the frames can be less than 10% of the structure, and the upper, side and lower frames can be embedded to achieve the best visual and functional effect.

Following the trend of frameless windows – freedom and elegance

Aluminium Sliding Doors COR Vision Plus by Cortizo

COR Vision Plus is a minimalist sliding system specially suitable for large dimensions. That sliding door system allows maximum brightness with an almost invisible aluminium section. Moreover, the system is highly appreciated due to its outstanding technical properties (thermal and noise insulation).

Following the trend of frameless windows – freedom and elegance

Aluminium Sliding Doors Hi-Finity by Reynaers

Hi-Finity is an effective system that combines contemporary aesthetics with outstanding performance and enables you to enjoy unlimited view. Due to its minimalism and aesthetics, the system is commonly chosen for modern, low-energy constructions.

Following the trend of frameless windows – freedom and elegance

Are you interested in more details? Frameless windows prices? Possible dimensions? Feel free to check our offer or contact us directly.