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One of the problems faced when replacing your old windows with the new ones or selecting the windows for your new build, is the choice between inward opening windows and windows that open outward. Most likely, you won’t be installing windows in your house more than once or twice in your whole life – so this decision is really important. You have to choose wisely and consider all the benefits and disadvantages that come with each window type. That’s why in this article we will take a closer look at the two most popular types of windows in Europe – outward opening windows (sometimes also called Scandinavian windows) and tilt and turn windows, which may be referred to as inward windows.

Outward opening windows (casement windows)

These are traditional types of windows used in Ireland and the United Kingdom for centuries, mostly due to the prevailing weather conditions and strong winds, and because this type of window opening was the only one available.


  • They allow for placing pretty much anything on your window sill without worrying about damaging these items when opening the window.
  • They are very tight when closed due to the wind pushing the window wing stronger towards the frame.
  • Outward opening windows do not take any space inside your house when opened.
  • They allow for excellent ventilation when fully opened.


  • When opened and exposed to outside weather conditions (rain, heat etc.), these windows are more prone to damage.
  • You can’t install any external shutters, fly screens etc. in this type of windows.
  • The very wide frame, in which the fittings are concealed, looks very bulky. The appearance itself gives the impression of windows that do not follow the trend for slim and smooth profiles.
  • No possibility to tilt the window, it can only be opened to the side.
Comparison of inward and outward opening windows: advantages and disadvantages

Aluminium Window MB-70 Casement


Inward opening windows (tilt&turn windows)

Although inward opening windows are usually used in Southern Europe due to milder climate, they are getting more and more popular in the United Kingdom and Ireland lately as well.


  • They can be cleaned safely from the inside of your house – this is extremely important in multi-storey buildings, as you don’t have to use a ladder or take any risk while cleaning windows.
  • You can use external shutters or fly screens with inward opening windows without any worries.
  • Your kids or pets are perfectly safe even when tilt turn windows are open for ventilation (obviously, only if you use tilt opening).
  • In tilt-and-turn windows, you can forget about using vents, because windows from Poland are equipped with a micro-ventilation system. When you turn the window handle to an angle of 15 degrees, the sash moves away from the frame by 2 mm, creating a small gap around the perimeter of the window, which allows fresh air from outside to enter, without the risk that someone might break the window.
  • Tilt and turn windows provide better security with the possibility of using different chamber shapes and sections inside the frame to prevent break-out, also might be equipped with  anti-burglary fittings.
  • All new passive (energy-efficient) window designs are inward opening.
  • The window frame and sash can be much slimmer than outward opening windows, with the result that you can have more light in the room in a window of the same size.
  • The window profiles are slimmer and more slender, giving the windows a modern and minimalist appearance, especially in aluminium windows.


  • With tilt and turn windows it is usually impossible to place any decorations, ornaments, flowers or pictures on the interior windowsill. This problem applies also to the inner curtains, blinds, etc. Fortunately, there are solutions to this issue, such as eg. blinds mounted to the window, not to the frame. However, the window tilt function can still be used, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air.
  • When fully opened, inward opening windows may take a significant amount of the space available in a given room and this, in turn, may be very inconvenient in smaller living spaces.


Comparison of inward and outward opening windows: advantages and disadvantages

uPVC Window IDEAL 8000

Tilt and turn windows or windows that open outward?

The answer to this question is really a matter of your preferences and expectations, not to mention the local law requirements or safety regulations. There is no “perfect choice”, just a decision that best fits your needs. So take your time, carefully compare all the advantages and disadvantages of both described types of windows and make your decision when you’re 100% sure of it. And remember: while it may be a tradition in Ireland to install outward opening windows, there’s nothing wrong with going against it – especially today, when the technological advancement allows for manufacturing inward opening windows that are as tight and energy efficient (in fact, sometimes even better) as the outward opening ones.

Comparison of inward and outward opening windows: advantages and disadvantages

Final words

In the current offer, we have a wide selection of many types of windows from the best Polish manufacturers and brands. If you’re not sure which particular type of windows would be the best choice for your house or have any questions regarding tilt turn windows or outward opening windows, don’t hesitate to contact Fenbro Sales Team. We will gladly help you with the choice and after you submit your enquiry, we will prepare a tailor-made offer for you within 48 hours and within the specified budget.