The weather in the UK is quite unpredictable – that’s what we all know, don’t we? If one day there is blue sky and the sun is shining, you can be almost 100% sure that later the same day, dark clouds will appear all of the sudden and all you will see and feel will be greyness, wind and rain. Therefore, not without reason, British weather is the number one topic of small talks and conversation starters. But what’s even more important – it does affect people’s everyday lives in a very significant way. 

One of the decisions highly influenced by the changing weather conditions in the UK is surely the choice of one’s home windows and doors. It’s obvious that everyone expects their home to be secure and safe. But above all, it should be a comfortable place you willingly come back to  in order to warm up after being outside – especially during cold autumn and winter days. Today more and more of us realise that the latter isn’t about having our heating on more. In fact, it’s mostly about having energy-efficient joinery that enables our home to retain heat for longer. You do not want to rely entirely on central heating, especially in these unpredictable times full of unexpected expenses. At Fenbro, we will willingly advise you on which windows and doors to choose if you live in the UK and experience frequent weather changes on a daily basis. 


What are the most efficient windows in the UK

Let’s get it straight: none of us would not expect our windows to be leaking energy we are paying for, right? For that reason, house windows in the UK should be properly chosen. When talking with Fenbro customers, we always highlight that high-performance windows are not only the most crucial elements of the house but they are also responsible for comfort and energy savings.

How to choose the best windows and doors for the UK weather – useful tips to know before you buy!

Nowadays in the UK, according to building regulations, all new builds constructed must be fully installed with a minimum double-glazed windows. Luckily, single pane windows are becoming a thing of the past. And no wonder – they are simply too energy-inefficient. Double-glazing is a much more reasonable choice for harsh weather conditions. However, if you live in the UK and you want to benefit from windows with the best thermal efficiency and functionality, you should opt for triple glazing. Triple glazed windows are simply the best solution for comfort, energy savings and reduced noise-transmission, especially in notoriously wet and cooler climates. 

Installing triple glazing is one of the simplest ways to make your property more energy-efficient. Other important elements to look for when selecting windows with the best thermal performance are three gaskets and the U-value (also known as the heat transfer coefficient) under 0,9 W/(m 2 K). Do not underestimate the importance of micro ventilation either. It allows for proper air circulation, which is very significant in the humid UK climate. Windows from the Fenbro offer are equipped with a micro-ventilation system. When you turn the window handle to an angle of 15 degrees, the sash moves away from the frame by 2 mm, creating a small gap around the perimeter of the window.  All of that allows fresh air from the outside to enter, with no risk of someone breaking the window.

How to choose the best windows and doors for the UK weather – useful tips to know before you buy!

To successfully withstand regular rain, wind or storms, your windows must be properly insulated and made of reliable, strong and weather-resistant material. Here the latter should be translated as weatherproof aluminium. Across the UK, aluminium windows are the best type of windows to select. Why? Well, they won’t rust, fade or be easily damaged by the harsher weather fronts. What is more, strong and sleek aluminium frames can hold larger panes of glass. This, in turn, allows for beautiful wide-ranging views, lets in more light and improves the overall aesthetic value of your home.


Premium casement windows in the Fenbro offer 

Aluminium triple-glazed windows are among the most sought-after joinery solutions chosen by Fenbro customers. In our wide range of high-quality aluminium windows, we also have the most traditional windows in the UK: casement windows. They are attached to their frames by hinges at the side and open outward to the left or right. Thanks to the latter, they are commonly used in places where maximum ventilation is desired, such as a kitchen or a bathroom.

How to choose the best windows and doors for the UK weather – useful tips to know before you buy!

Aluminium casement windows are well suited to the UK climate as they are able to withstand all types of weather. You will find 4 models of such windows in the Fenbro offer: Aluminium Window MB-70 Casement , Aluminium Window MB-86 SI Casement,  Aluminium Window MB-86 Casement and Decalu 101 Scand . All of them are characterised by high air/water tightness as well as excellent thermal insulation and are available in two types of openings: top-hung and side-hung. 

Growing popularity of tilt and turn windows 

It’s true that casement windows are still one of the most popular window choices for the UK customers. However, tilt and turn windows have been gaining more and more supporters recently. And no wonder: with so many benefits (balancing some few minor disadvantages), they can be perfectly suited for both renovation projects and new builds in the UK. 

How to choose the best windows and doors for the UK weather – useful tips to know before you buy!


Tilt and turn windows have surely one biggest advantage over other types of windows: namely, the tilting feature. Thanks to it, they allow for a secure opening of around 10 cm, providing effective ventilation and simultaneously protecting small children from falling out and injuring themselves. Tilt and turn windows are also easier and safer to clean (from the inside of your home) and they provide better security – simply because the windows that open inward are much more difficult to be forced or pulled open from the outside.  When we combine all of it with impressive energy efficiency, corrosion-resistant properties and sleek, minimalist looks of aluminium frames, we get perfect windows for the changing conditions of the UK weather. 

If you decide on tilt and turn windows, we highly advise you to check the following models from the Fenbro offer: Aluminium Window MB-86 SI , Aluminium Window Superial , Aluminium Window MB-104 Passive SI and Aluminium Window MasterLine 8 Functional .


Best sliding patio doors for UK homeowners

Sliding doors are irreplaceable when one wants to transition their homes to the outside world.  When you choose sliding patio doors, you save space, let more daylight in and make nature part of your interior by bringing it inside. The latter is especially true if you live in the coastal areas of the UK – there, with the right sliding doors system, you can literally take advantage of beautiful views and amazing sunsets on your doorstep. But unfortunately, there’s another side of the coin: seaside weather can cause some serious damage to your home exterior, including your coastal joinery. In such a case, you have to choose the most reliable material ready to withstand the combined negative impact of storms, wind, rain and sand. Here, again, aluminium is the best solution.

How to choose the best windows and doors for the UK weather – useful tips to know before you buy!

At Fenbro, you will find durable, weatherproof and rust-resistant aluminium sliding doors that will improve the aesthetics of interior and exterior design without compromising on functionalities such as thermal and noise insulation. Among the most popular products chosen by the UK customers are surely Aluminium Sliding Doors MB-59HS , Aluminium Sliding Doors MB-77HS and Aluminium Sliding Doors Monorail Ultraglide .They do not only allow for far-reaching panoramic seaside views but are also adapted to the latest requirements in the field of thermal insulation, aesthetics and safety. 

Steel / Composite doors for harsh weather conditions 

When talking about the best joinery for the changeable weather in the UK, we need to take a closer look at exterior doors as well. Naturally, the main goal is to choose an entry door made of materials that offer the highest security level and excellent barriers from extreme weather elements. And what other material can be more robust than steel? 

How to choose the best windows and doors for the UK weather – useful tips to know before you buy!

Unquestionably, steel /composite doors are high performers when it comes to visual appeal, energy savings, and easy maintenance. What’s incredibly important, they will remain secure and in perfect shape for years to come. In the wide range of Fenbro exterior doors, we advise you to pay special attention to WIKĘD steel doors – especially if you live in the UK . They are synonymous with quality, reliability and elegance. The manufacturer’s systems are based on a steel sheet, which ensures high stability and durability. As a result, WIKĘD doors are resistant to the harmful effects of external factors and mechanical damage. What’s important, WIKĘD doors come in 5 basic lines. They differ, among others, in: leaf thickness and the value of door heat transfer coefficient (Ud). 



Although there are many styles and materials of windows and doors to choose from, remember that not all of them are suited to all environments. The unpredictable UK weather is a very important factor that should influence your joinery purchase. It’s obvious that you want to select the best type of joinery possible – but always keep in mind that both windows and doors are parts of a wider puzzle. The latter involves, among others, your local climate, the design and type of home you have as well as its insulation and air-tightness. If you need advice from professionals who can review your home’s environment and help you pick out the perfect windows and doors in the UK, don’t hesitate and contact the Fenbro Sales team now!