Poland, one of the 27 EU countries, has some particularly strong associations among Europeans. People’s hospitality, a turbulent history, one of the most difficult European languages and great alcoholic beverages are probably the most common ones. However, this list has been recently extended by… the Polish windows and doors. Have you realised that Poland is the biggest manufacturer and exporter of joinery in Europe? No? Well, just to give you the overall picture: there are over 2000 companies producing windows & doors in Poland and the Polish producers are able to export up to 6 million windows per year. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

Now, you are probably wondering what these numbers mean to you as a Fenbro customer? How can you benefit from that situation? Well, let us explain it to you in some more details.

Poland as one of the largest exporters of doors and windows in Europe

It is true that the joinery industry has become the most competitive sector of the Polish economy. Of course, it did not happen overnight. There were many factors leading to the current state of things. Surely, Polish companies have the best technologies and solutions used in the production of windows. When we combine this fact with competitive prices for foreign customers, it is no wonder that Poland is at the forefront of window manufacturers throughout Europe. Polish joinery companies have been focusing on foreign sales for two decades – since 2004, the export of Polish windows and doors has increased more than 9 times. Nowadays, the Polish joinery producers export more and more, which allows Poland to grow stronger on the international market.

It is a solid fact that in 2021, Poland significantly strengthened its position as the leader in the export of windows and doors to almost all major markets. According to the Polish Industry Analysis Center, last season as much as 29% of the joinery export value from all EU countries was constituted by the Polish companies. Windows and doors from Poland go mainly to Germany, France, Italy and Great Britain. More and more often, Polish joinery is also sent across the Atlantic Ocean, to the USA and Canada. Currently, door and window joinery products from Poland are already available in over 100 countries. The most exported joinery products are uPVC windows – they account for approximately 50% of foreign sales.

The most popular joinery brands from Poland

The strong position of the Polish joinery industry in the international arena is due to over 2000 manufacturers of windows, doors, gates and roller shutters as well as their suppliers. However, these are undoubtedly the largest ones who are the driving force behind the entire Polish joinery market. The leader in the production of uPVC window systems is Aluplast, uPVC and aluminium window and door systems – Aluprof, roof windows – Velux Polska and external steel doors – Wikęd. All of their products are characterised by quality, design and all the necessary thermal and sound insulation parameters. Export is very important for all the biggest companies operating in the Polish window and doors joinery industry. For some of them, it even represents a larger share than actions taken on the domestic market.

How Polish windows and doors beat the competition

According to the official data, the export value of Polish joinery increases 18% per year on average. At this point, you may already be wondering: how is it possible that Polish windows are premium class products at a competitive price? Why do customers all over Europe order them much more often (and more willingly!) than the products from their home manufacturers?

Well, to answer these questions, one has to take several factors into consideration:

Firstly, the production of Polish windows is located in one country (namely, Poland!). It is there where raw materials from local producers are used. Some components for the production of windows are of course imported from e.g. Germany or Great Britain. However, deliveries of these elements are always on time and do not extend the production time.

Secondly, Poland can boast a modern machine park and high technological facilities. It is very important in terms of the quality of products and optimisation of the production process.

Thirdly, Polish employees are highly qualified and constantly improve their competences, so they greatly influence the quality of the production processes. The labour costs in Poland, compared to Western Europe, are still slightly lower. This, in turn, increases Poland’s competitiveness on the international market.

Last but not least: the offer of Polish manufacturers is tailored to the needs of the European market. Therefore, you can easily order windows with Aluplast, Salamander, or Aliplast profiles, including the custom window systems, such as IDEAL 4000 Casement (UK market), Blockprofile NL (Dutch market), Nordline (Scandinavian market), Monoblock (French market) or Renovation profiles (French and Italian markets).

Best Polish windows and doors in the Fenbro offer

Polish joinery is surely breaking popularity records – Polish windows are eagerly chosen by customers from all over Europe. But windows are not everything. Today, the offer of the Polish companies exporting joinery products to European countries also includes doors, garage doors, facade blinds, roller shutters, mosquito nets and property fences.

Polish joinery brands in the Fenbro offer

Polish joinery brands in the Fenbro offer

All of the above mentioned products can be found in the Fenbro offer. It is tailored to the needs of all our European customers and – what is more – it is constantly expanding. A great product offer from well-known and widely recognised Polish joinery manufacturers is one thing, but impeccable customer service is another.

When placing an order at Fenbro, you can be sure that you will receive:

  • lower price for window and door joinery from Poland (when compared to your local retailers!)
  • a free quote within 48 hours
  • very comprehensive technical advice
  • constant contact with the sales team at every stage of the project implementation (in English)
  • quick order fulfilment
  • safe delivery to the indicated address
  • professional installation services
  • warranty and after-sales service

Many companies only claim that they focus on customer service and want the best for their clients – while at Fenbro we offer them real help. We are close to our customers and we respond to their expectations. We want to provide them with the best windows and doors from Poland in the most competent and satisfactory way. Contact our sales team, so you can see for yourself what we offer you!