External doors are one of the most distinguished elements of the building. It is not the cheapest part of the construction joinery, but it is definitely one of the most important. It is worth remembering that the choice of your house’s front door is a decision with which you stay for many years, and sometimes even decades. When choosing a door, it is obviously worth taking into account such values as quality, applied security features, insulation, thermal insulation or manufacturing technology. However, aesthetic considerations are also of the highest importance –  the chosen exterior entrance must meet our visual requirements as well!

Why is it worth investing in WIKĘD front doors?


The combination of modern technological solutions with elegant front door design is often difficult to achieve. Fortunately, more and more often there are products that are both well-finished and have very attractive technical parameters. The best example is WIKĘD external doors – a guarantee of safety and high-quality workmanship for many years. In fact, they prove that doors (as well as windows!) from Poland can easily compete with foreign joinery on the European market.


The main disadvantage of WIKĘD external doors

Ok, but first things first.  Let’s start with the weakest part of the WIKĘD external doors. And this is… their name! For foreign customers, it can be impossible to understand and pronounce. The spelling seems to be so typically Polish which means very difficult for all non-Polish speakers. At least, at first impression. So in order to solve linguistic issues once and for all, take this useful piece advice from us: WIKĘD should be pronounced as the familiar word ‘weekend’ in the American English version: /wiːˈkɛnd/ .  Does it sound easier now? We hope so!

Why is it worth investing in WIKĘD front doors?


If the difficult pronunciation stopped you from looking into our offer of the WIKĘD front doors before, now there should be no more obstacles left for you! Of course, we are not going to convince you that these are impeccable front doors you will be fully and undoubtedly satisfied with. Nothing is perfect in this world and life isn’t a fairytale, right? 😉 However, there are some really good joinery products in the Fenbro offer and WIKĘD external doors are among the best examples. 


Why you should choose WIKĘD exterior doors

WIKĘD front doors is the perfect example of price and quality going hand in hand. The company claims that only proven technologies and the best materials are used for the production of their doors. The product quality is watched over by a specialised control team, supported by a system of very sensitive cameras with very high resolution. What is more, every detail of the door is personalised: line, colours, glazing, fittings and other accessories. In this way, your chosen door can be perfectly unique and not comparable with any other model available on the market. 

Why is it worth investing in WIKĘD front doors?


Obviously, all what was said above is willingly advertised in WIKĘD company brochures and on their website. However, we never take marketing slogans for granted and we always test the products we include in our offer ourselves. And in case of WIKĘD exterior doors, our conclusions are very satisfactory. 


Here are the most important benefits Fenbro experts see in this reputable brand of front doors from Poland:

  • The quality of workmanship, tightness and exceptional insulation in all weather conditions
  • Resistance to harmful external factors, such as moisture, dust, scratches and damage, as well as easy cleaning and maintenance
  • A huge number of patterns, colours and finishes together with the possibility of individual personalisation of the selected model
  • Warm Thermo door frame filled with foam (perfectly insulating)
  • 5 insulation versions available for selection 
  • Perfect fit of the door to the opening during assembly – the use of mounting anchors facilitates a better adjustment of the structure to the mounting hole
  • Top and lower locking system and the possibility of tight door adjustment along its entire length
  • Composite doors – steel mixed with aluminium does not rust and deform, making the door last in a great shape for many years


Sounds convincing? Well, all the above mentioned features are clearly WIKĘD strongest, unbeatable points, making them leaders in their product class. Combined with numerous design options and innovative technological accessories (e.g. access control keypad, fingerprint reader or intelligent access system WISmart) they significantly increase the prestige and functionality of your door investment. 


The 6 basic lines of WIKĘD exterior doors

In order to best match the offer to customers’ needs, WIKĘD offers its external doors in 6 basic lines. They differ, among others, in: leaf thickness, level of thermal and acoustic insulation, anti-burglary class and fire protection. Each of the selected lines has its own design and each pattern has different colour variants according to the RAL palette.

Why is it worth investing in WIKĘD front doors?



A flush, non-rebated door line created as a result of a combination of two technologies: an aluminium frame and a fibreglass composite with a carbon coating. As standard, the ALU HYBRID has hidden hinges with 3D adjustment, an espagnolette with eight locking points and a hitching strip along the entire length of the frame, thanks to which it has received the RC2 anti-burglary class certificate. It has excellent insulation parameters: Ud = 0.54 (for doors without glazing) and acoustic parameters: 30 dB *. 


A line of doors characterised by exceptional energy efficiency, which results in economy in the subsequent heating of the house. Warm Termo Prestige door frames are equipped with two gaskets and a thermal insulation insert in each chamber. It provides excellent insulation parameters: Ud = 0.79 (for doors without glazing) and acoustic parameters: 32 dB *. Awarded the European Standard of Conformity CE and meeting the requirements of the anti-burglary class RC2.


It is a reasonable choice of better quality at a more affordable price.  A high line of external doors which provides very good insulation parameters: Ud = 0.85 (for doors without glazing). Awarded the European Standard of Conformity CE and meeting the requirements of the anti-burglary class RC2. 


The line of external doors with very good insulation parameters: Ud = 0.98 (for doors without glazing) and acoustic parameters: 31 dB *. Awarded the European Standard of Conformity CE and meeting the requirements of the anti-burglary class RC2.  


The basic line of external doors. It is characterised by comfort and a very good price-quality ratio. Provides good thermal insulation parameters. Design with the granted European CE Conformity Standard.


A specialised line of exterior doors for apartments. It provides excellent acoustic insulation parameters – 43dB. Awarded the European Standard of Conformity CE and meeting the requirements of the anti-burglary class RC3 * – for your safety. The selected options are EI30 class, making the door a fireproof structure.


It all starts at the front door

When selecting external doors for your home, choose the ones that ensure comfort, peace, privacy, as well as a sense of security and… unusual character to the entire exterior. That’s why it is worth investing in WIKĘD front doors. They are not only practical and durable, but also extremely aesthetic. By choosing WIKĘD external doors, you can be sure of high-quality workmanship, the use of professional materials and durability for many years. We invite you to get familiar with our offer of WIKĘD exterior doors and contact the Fenbro sales team for further advice and a free quote within 48 hours! 


Here you can find the Fenbro offer of  WIKĘD exterior doors and accessories: