One of the most common trends in home arrangement is matching the colour of the front doors to the colour of the windows. While this is still a very popular solution, it works best when the main role of the joinery is to only complement the facade. At Fenbro, however, we strongly believe that this is not the only right choice you have. A very interesting possibility is for example matching the colour of the front door to the colour of the facade, instead of matching it to the joinery. You can also try matching your front doors to other parts of your house or surroundings – the driveway, the roof, or even combine colours in a completely contrasting way. With the possibility to make all the models of composite and aluminium doors from the Fenbro offer in any colour from the RAL palette, your options are practically limitless. There are some catches, however, and below you will find out more about them.

Why is choosing the front door colour important?

Firstly, your front door is one of the first things seen by your guests, and it plays a huge role in making a good first impression. However, that’s not the only reason why you should be careful when deciding about the colours of your front doors. You have to consider, for example, any local community or law regulations that prohibit homeowners from painting their doors in some colours in order to maintain a stylistic consistency in the neighbourhood.

There are also some colours you may want to avoid willingly. A good example of such colours could be pink, purple or neon-green, because doors painted with these would really stand out negatively – even more so if doors in the neighbouring houses are painted in significantly less extravagant manner.

What is the best colour for your front door?

There is no definite answer to the above question, because all the home owners have different tastes, likes or dislikes and, above all, own different types of houses.. With that said, we would like to remind you one extremely important thing: try to avoid colours that are jarring to the eye, because the colour seen by those who enter your house should uplift the visitor’s spirit, not make them feel uncomfortable. Keep that in mind when choosing colours for your front doors.

Below you will find a short list of the most popular colours for front doors. Do not treat them as the only right choice, though – this is rather a suggestion of what result you can expect when choosing a particular colour.

Red doors

Red colour can give a variety of feelings. Strength, power and confidence emanate from the brighter, more saturated shades, while warmth, love, prosperity and good luck are associated with the more pastel, darker shades of red. Red doors are also a good choice for builds made of bricks, though you have to choose the shade carefully to perfectly match the overall vibe of a given building.

Red door colour

Green doors

Green colour does give a refreshing vibe to your front doors, and it would work exceptionally well with any greenery, natural plants or other natural elements. Green doors should be your choice if the walls of your house are made of natural stone, and if you want a bit bolder, more daring combination, try going for green doors with brick walls. You should also remember that traditional houses are also a good match for green doors.

Green door colour

Brown doors

Brown colour is one of the most classic choices for a front door, representing safety, reliability and reassurance. By choosing front doors in that colour you can’t possibly go wrong, especially with the brass hardware and traditional houses.

Brown door colour

White doors

White colour is a classic choice for front doors. Nonetheless, it may be sometimes considered not really suited to new, modern-looking builds. Still, white doors give an impression of cleanliness, timelessness and elegance, not to mention that white is really neutral – to the point that some people find it rather boring nowadays.

White door colour

Black doors

Black colour does give your front doors a traditional, elegant and sophisticated look, not to mention sending every passerby a strong signal that the owner of this particular building has a refined taste. What is more, black doors can increase the curb appeal of a house – builds with black or charcoal grey doors often are sold for higher prices.

Black door colour

Blue doors

Blue colour is commonly associated with trust, calm, harmony and peace, and thus matches perfectly all traditional-style houses. Additionally, you should remember that blue doors will look particularly good if your walls are yellow (almost all kinds of yellow are a good “background”, with the exception of those really bright, neon-like shades). And if you want to go for a more elegant look, try darker shades of blue.

Blue door

Stylish door accessories – a perfect finishing touch!

Front doors can’t be fully functional without properly chosen accessories: handles, hinges, locks, letterboxes etc. With a variety of designs to choose from, you can make your front doors look unique, not to mention more functional. Owners of the modern-styled houses should also consider equipping their front doors with intelligent technological solutions, like a proximity reader, remote control system or fingerprint reader. Check out our offer of the accessories for Wikęd front doors and choose what best suits your needs!


Brightly coloured front doors are an integral part of the Irish tradition, and nowadays it is really easy to have your front doors made in any colour you would like. Additionally to that, at Fenbro we also offer you the possibility to personalise glazing (transparent glass, milk glass, Venetian mirror, decorative etc.), including safe anti-burglary glazing with RC2 certificate.

If you have any questions about choosing door colours or about doors in general, feel free to contact us – we will gladly answer!