Smart panes with regulated transparency

What you get
  • DGF glass equipped with intelligent polymer layers
  • The unique technology of regulating transparency
  • The possibility to divide the glass into up to 5 independent panels


The smart Digi Glass pane allows the user to divide the glass into up to 5 independent panels. Thanks to the unique technology of regulating transparency, the glass panels can become opaque or completely transparent – independently of one another. You can achieve “the blinds effect” with only one touch of the remote control or the mobile app.

Smart panes with regulated transparency are available in glazing units for FIXED windows. The maximum size of the glazing unit to be used is 1500 x 3000 mm.


  • Opti White Pilkington 4 mm panes
  • 0.8 EVA foil
  • PLDC 0.36 foil
  • the possibility to regulate the access of light to your interior with the remote control or the mobile app
  • an intelligent conference room – you will cover the glass for the duration of the meeting
  • more intimacy in the shower – you will cover the glass during the shower
  • projection screen on each window
  • the power needed to power 1 m2 of glass is only 1 W
  • the glass is powered with a low voltage of 48 V


How it works

Get a better understanding of how we operate in order to satisfactorily fulfil your orders!
Asking for a quote

Asking for a quote

You press the ‘Get a free quote’ button and submit your inquiry with chosen joinery parameters.
Receiving the quote

Receiving the quote

Our sales team returns to you with the purchase quote on joinery, delivery/installation costs and lead time.


Our expert goes through all the information included in the offer together with you.
Agreement & Payment

Agreement & Payment

It is the stage where we confirm the contract and you make the payment.


It’s the time it takes to produce your ordered windows and doors (or any products from our offer).


This is the shipment period for your ordered products.


If you are interested in our installation services, we agree on the dates individually.

Frequently Asked Questions

First of all,  you should send us your enquiry where you specify your chosen joinery parameters, dimensions and qualities. In order to prepare a quote for you, we need the following details:

  • Model window/door (aluminium/uPVC) - [any specific U-value is required?]
  • Width x Height [mm]
  • Colour from internal/external side
  • Glazing: double/triple
  • Eircode (so we can check delivery cost)
  • Contact details, email address, phone number
In case you want the quote for installation services as well, let us know and specify whether you are interested in a new project or windows replacement. Next, we will provide the personalised quote for the purchase of joinery together with installation costs, delivery and lead-time. Please send all the information and enquiries about our offer to the following e-mail address: [email protected]

We are selling complex products, tailored services and our customers often require a special solution. That's why each of our products is personalised and we do not have the standard price list. Every product is quoted according to individual customer needs. Please send all enquiries about our offer to the following e-mail address: [email protected]

At the moment, the estimated lead time for specific product categories is as follows:

  • uPVC windows and doors, shutters: up to 7 weeks
  • Velux roof windows, blinds & accessories: up to 8 weeks
  • Aluminium windows, doors: up to 7 weeks
  • Steel doors: up to 8 weeks
  • Garage Doors: up to 7 weeks
Additionally, for every category, you have to count in 5 days for delivery time.

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