Flat roof windows

Flat roof windows will help you enjoy the optimum amount of natural light in your home. They can be used everywhere where it is not possible to install façade windows. What is important, if the shape and form of the building allow it, you can install the skylights in one room together with the windows for sloping roofs. This way you can let even more light into your attic! Choose VELUX skylights and upgrade your home at a reasonable price. Flat roof windows don’t cost much, especially in comparison to the value they add to your property.


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Flat roofs windows – why should you consider installing them?

Thanks to the almost perpendicular angle of the flat roof windows to the sun, light is dispersed in all directions. You can significantly benefit from that: just install some skylights in your flat roof. Modern skylight will not only allow the light to reach even the darkest corners of the room, but also will provide some other benefits. For example, a properly selected number of roof windows reduces humidity in the room. It is worth remembering that most flat roof kits are maintenance-free. So you do not have to decide yourself when to open your flat roof windows to ventilate the room or to get rid of dampness.

What are VELUX Skylights made of?

VELUX flat roof windows consist of two basic components, regardless of their type. These are:

  • window – with safe and energy-efficient glued glass and a frame and window sash made of PVC profile;
  • external element – dome, flat glass module or unique spherical glass module.

When choosing a window for a flat roof, it is this external element that should be paid special attention to. It has a decisive influence both on the final visual effect of the entire window set, and its functionality.

Types of Skylights – what to choose?

All opening windows for flat roofs provide light, ventilate the room and also take care of regulating humidity levels.

The VELUX spherical glass module can be installed on roofs with pitches as low as 0°. It has a curved glass outer pane using CurveTech technology to keep snow, leaves and other debris out of the window. This way, the right amount of sunlight can always come through the window. The spherical module is visually attractive and is ideal for green roofs and terraces.

The VELUX Flat Glass Module can be mounted on a roof with a minimum pitch of 2°. It is also made of scratch-resistant glass. Its surface is perfectly flat so it blends in with the roof and hides in its structure. The flat module is worth choosing when you want no additional element to disturb the even line of the roof.

The VELUX dome for skylights has a convex shape so that all debris is quickly removed with the rain. It can be made of acrylic or polycarbonate. These are durable plastics that are resistant to all scratches caused by hail, freezing rain or falling branches, so you don’t have to worry about VELUX skylights – they will remain in perfect condition for many years.

Electric flat roof windows are fitted as standard with a rain sensor which will automatically close the windows. If you additionally connect them to the VELUX ACTIVE system and app, the windows will control the climate in your home and provide the best living comfort.

What are the benefits of VELUX skylights?

Every VELUX flat roof skylight is designed to withstand even the harshest climatic conditions and is deemed non-combustible, complying with requirements for typical residential dwellings. This fact alone makes these skylights a perfect choice if you look for a flat roof skylight that will perform superbly and last without any fault for many years to come. There are also other benefits of having VELUX flat roof windows – here’s a brief list of them:

  • additional level of safety provided by laminated inner panes (total 5,36 mm) and a 3 mm outer pane made of toughened safety glass;
  • maximised light transmittance and reduced solar heat gain thanks to low E3 coating;
  • increased thermal performance and reduced heat flow through the pane due to 9 mm argon-filled cavity and warm edge technology;
  • reduced cleaning frequency thanks to the NEAT™ coating on outer pane;
  • good protection from the outside noise (noise reduction factor: 32 decibels).

Thanks to the unique and thoroughly thought-of design combined with the state-of-the-art level technologies, every VELUX skylight window provides a great level of protection against radiant heat (approx. 75%) and UV harmful rays (approx 99%).

How to install flat roof windows in the building?

When you decide to buy flat roof windows, be sure to find the right fitter to handle the installation quickly and correctly. At Fenbro we have a fitting team that specialises in windows installation. Fenbro provides installation services in Ireland.

Skylights and flat roof windows: How much do they cost?

Price of a skylight can leave you with a headache. Flat roof windows cost so much that it makes you question the need of installing them in your home in the first place. But they aren’t there just to look good. Flat roof skylights improve the quality of the space – they bring natural light in and help you ventilate the room. For this reason, they are considered worth their excessive price.

At Fenbro, we lower skylight prices while maintaining their high quality, functionality and durability. How do we do that? By importing flat roof windows directly from the country, which is considered as the biggest exporter in the world – Poland. Polish manufacturers provide their customers with high quality products at reasonable prices. VELUX skylight prices are a great example of how affordable Polish flat roof windows can be.

Are you about to upgrade your property with modern flat roof skylights? Don’t overpay by ordering them locally in Ireland or the UK. Check our offer to compare the costs with your local supplier. Our assortment includes a vast variety of skylights and flat roof windows in different styles, colours and sizes that will perfectly complement your home. Have you found the right product? Don’t hesitate to ask for a free quote. Our Sales Team will get back to you with the final price that is tailored to your specific needs.

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