Flashings for L- shaped combination windows

Modern architecture is all about glazing. We install windows in various places and combinations, which may come as a challenge in terms of maintaining their properties. High quality sealing flashings help to execute the most unusual designs with no harm to the insulating properties of the windows as well as their energy efficiency.


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Depending on the roofing and roof pitch as well as the windows arrangements, various sealing flashings are required, such as:

  • flat sealing flashings,
  • profiled sealing flashings,
  • flashings for L- shaped combination windows.

The choice is very important, since it determines the window properties.

Installation products: Check our offer

Fenbro offers high quality windows, doors and accessories. Our offer wouldn’t be complete without flashings for L- shaped combination windows. L-shaped combination windows are common solutions in modern designs – homes, schools, commercial buildings. They let more natural light in, as well as make the building more attractive from the outside. Their installation requires special flashings that seal the window and drain water and snow beyond its outline. We offer flashings for various types of roofing and different roof pitches. They are available in a vast selection of colours for an elegant and sleek visual effect of the installation.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to check our offer and contact us. Our Experts are happy to provide you with answers as well as help you choose the best solution for your design.

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