Decalu 88 Standard

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Decalu 88 Standard

For whom?

Lower folding height, smaller width of movable posts and very good thermal parameters – these are just some of the advantages of the Decalu 88 standard system.

Constructional features

the base system for the other Decal systems,
system with thermal break,
Installation depth 83 mm,
two gaskets,
gaskets integrated into profiles,
Folding frame and sash 83 mm,
Uw = 0.9 W/m2K (using a two-chamber package),
Uf from 0.81 W/m2K,
maximum glazing thickness 71 mm,
The standard glazing package is 4th/16/4/16/4th*,
possibility to create a window with a movable post,
111.5 mm wide movable post
high watertightness parameters – 2400 Pa,
dehydration down the frame,
invisible drainage of the horizontal post,
Patented drainage groove protection,
possibility of building renovation windows,
possibility to build monoblock structures,
invisible line of gaskets,
system parameters confirmed by a certificate from the Building Research Institute.


Windows made on the basis of the Decalu 88 standard system are characterized by very good thermal parameters. The thermal transmittance coefficient of a structure with a two-chamber package is only 0.8 W/m2K (for 1230×1480 mm window dimensions). The windows are also characterized by one of the best water tightness parameters – up to 2400 Pa. These are also the lowest air permeability parameters in class 4. All this was possible thanks to patented, unique solutions offered by the manufacturer. The extraordinary tightness is guaranteed by machine-mounted gaskets and integration of gaskets with aluminium profiles. Gaskets fixed by machine in the profile ensure stable quality and tightness in contrast to those fixed by hand. With an installation depth of 88 mm, the maximum glazing capacity is 71 mm.

88 standard is the basic system of the Decal product line. Despite this, it already offers great possibilities of execution. The system is recommended for production of monoblock windows or renovation windows.

Talking about the construction possibilities of the Decalu 88 standard system, one cannot forget about the fittings, which have been separated here from aluminium profiles by a special PVC profile. Thanks to this patented and proprietary solution, the fittings not only work extremely smoothly, but are also perfectly protected against corrosion.


What distinguishes the windows made on the basis of the Decalu 88 standard system from others is undoubtedly an extremely aesthetic appearance. Both from the outside and after opening the sash, the window looks very good. All gaskets are flat and practically invisible. Moreover, the lowest frame and sash assembly on the market – only 83 mm – was obtained here. The smallest width of the movable centre post was also obtained – 111.5 mm.

What does this mean? First of all, the fact that the window has a larger glazed area, and thus better illuminates the rooms.

The aesthetics of the window are also enhanced by hidden hinges. The application of this solution allowed not only to get rid of unnecessary, visible elements, but also to maintain the continuity of the gaskets, and thus the tightness of the window. The only visible element of the window fitting is the handle, which can be painted in the colour of the window.

Bearing in mind the appearance of the window, we have taken care of all the details such as the shape and appearance of the dehydration cap, the colour of the fittings, the visual flatness of the gaskets.

In order to give an individual and even more interesting look to the woodwork, it is worth considering the choice of its colour. Windows in the Decalu 88 standard system are available in the entire RAL palette and wood-like colours. We also offer anodised woodwork.



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Guarantee and DIY installation:

The guarantee is valid even if the window installation is carried out by our clients themselves or by an external company. The most important thing is that the installation is carried out in an artful manner and according to the installation instructions for the window.

Additionally, we offer support after the guarantee period is over. It means that if something happens with your joinery afterwards, we can get you all the necessary spare parts, ready-made products and tools to help you solve the issue (the service is chargeable at the end of the guarantee period). 

Please note that if you choose your own fitter, you are responsible for providing them with correct measurements of the openings as well as products dimensions. We cannot be held responsible for any irregularities in this regard.