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    Aluminum sliding system. Affordable solution dedicated for warm regions. 

    Sliding doors built on the basis of the MB-Slide system create great possibilities of space arrangement. The maximum dimensions of the wings are 2.6 x 1.8 m. They are available in various installation variants: from 2 to 6 modules. They can be fitted with glazing units up to 24 mm wide. Structures based on the MB-Slide system also guarantee good technical parameters. Thermal separators ensure appropriate thermal insulation of aluminum profiles while sliding gaskets and EPDM gaskets and glass gaskets enable high tightness of the structure.

    The constructional depth of sash sections is 37 mm, and frames respectively: 50 mm (2-track glass) and 97 mm (3-track rails).

    Constructional features

    These systems are designed for making thermally insulated sliding doors and windows that can be built into masonry walls, aluminum facades, conservatories or showcases.

    Sliding doors, especially those of large dimensions, visually "enlarge" the living space by connecting it with an external terrace or garden.

    The MB-Slide and MB-Slide ST sliding door systems offer great possibilities of space arrangement: the maximum dimensions of the leaves are as follows: H: 2600 mm, L: 1800 mm, weight max. 160 kg, various installation variants are available: from 2 to 6 modules. Glass packages up to 26 mm thick can be used. These constructions also ensure that very good technical parameters are maintained: plastic thermal separators provide adequate thermal insulation of aluminum profiles, and sliding seals in the form of brushes or made of thermoplastic elastomer TPE and EPDM closing and glazing gaskets enable high tightness of the structure.

    The constructional depth of wing sections is 37 mm (except for horizontal sections in MB-Slide ST), and frames respectively: 50 mm (2-track rails) and 97 mm (3-track rails). Identical depth of basic 2-track frames of the system.

    frame depth - 50 and 97 mm,
    the depth of the sash - 37 mm,
    glazing in 24 mm wide packages,
    The standard glazing package is 4/16Ar/4th [Ug=1.1],
    maximum wing weight - 160 kg,
    system with thermal breaks,
    large permissible sash dimensions - height up to 2.6 m, width up to 1.8 m,
    possibility to create a structure consisting of 6 wings,
    possibility of building two-colour structures,
    Many possibilities of installation - double or triple track door frames are available,
    installation in individual buildings as well as in larger constructions,
    to choose between Giesse or Sobineo Penta-Lock hardware.

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